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As the webmaster of the shopping mall of the billion people, I and everyone, there will be a webmaster syndrome: Every day up first is to check the site in the major search engines and the chain of the situation, check the main keywords in the major engine ranking position, and then check the site's friendship connection, increase friendship connection, update the site, write original not original, Weak text, the introduction of spiders, research competitors, increase the outside chain. This is the pain of a day stationmaster. It should be every day! My million people shopping mall website Http://, I insist on doing so every day, do it feel tired!

But I still have a habit is to see the log of the website. Perhaps we found their own station for several days did not include or keyword ranking dropped, or the site down the right to a series of times just suddenly remembered, I want to check the site log, then wake up after the lost in the starting line. At least the prevention of needles has already been done by others.

I have a Web site IIS log Analysis tool, you can analyze the site log, I believe everyone has. My million people shopping mall website has its own independent server, so I can easily observe (do not need to find the server provider).

From the log we can at least get information:

1. The number and time of the major spiders

2. Spider Return Status code

3. Analysis of the status code, that is, 64,304,200,500 and so on, I do not have to say that, if not know, we have nothing to Baidu, as for the site of the 641 straight is one of the biggest controversy.

4. Included and returned bytes

From the first point of view, represents a friendliness between the site and the search engine. If you come to a lot of times, the return of the status code are normal 200, then the key between the month-friendly, the weight of the site will also be relatively high. The 23rd one is a state problem, if the spider to many times, but every time because of server problems, update the problem is rejected, I believe you will not be happy. Early prevention. My million people shopping mall website changed once system, appeared over 500 (server problem), the harm of my website almost did not be sealed.

So as a webmaster, Web site log or less than a job Ah!

This article is original in Admin5, no one should reprint, is the million people shopping mall all!

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