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Site replacement domain name, for many cases, is tantamount to making a new station, because the weight is lost. But we can use some of the means of SEO to operate, so that the new and old domain name can be a smooth transition, the risk to a minimum, the following is a few SEO operating principles and methods.

How to handle a project that decides to enable a new domain name is a tricky issue. Relative to the past tested, real, highly ranked domain names, these customers need to new URLs to display new content, or need to split the original site content, making the site more conducive to sales, ranking and advertising.

One case worth analyzing in this case is Amazon's migration this project. Amazon, like the news, its shoes and wallet products to a new website, and wants customers to use instead of Amazon itself when buying shoes and wallets. The transition process is very good.

Therefore, the following discussion, when registering a new domain name, for content migration or domain name replacement, the first hope to achieve through the goal of SEO?

Content migration or domain name replacement after the hope to achieve through the goal of SEO;

3-6 months later, Google included content pages of the original ranking can be restored;

1-3 months later, Baidu, MSN, Yahoo! included can restore;

Practical process:

Use 301 Redirect to point all pages of the old site to the correct domain name of the new site. Change all links to old stations and point to new sites (better than pointing to redirected pages). Analyze access logs to find the 2-300 most visited links to the old site, and then handle the old stations as much as possible and update the old station links.

Using Yahoo! Site Explorer repeats the previous action and retrieves 2-300 of the links to point to (the links shown in Yahoo! are important). Make sure that both the old and new sites have been authenticated by Google Webmaster and submitted to sitemaps. Write a post in Google Webmaster Help forum that shows you how your site is changing, why you are doing it, and please use Google to forgive the unhappiness and hope that you will be able to recognize the new domain name. In the media and on the Internet--on the one hand can maximize the recovery of these outside the chain, on the other hand can attract more users. Monitor the site's content page rankings, compared to the old-if the rankings fall, then contact Google immediately, and inform them of the update process and details through the Webmaster tool to monitor Google spiders crawl errors, see the use of 301 Redirect, Google is still working well.

Some of the following operations are mainly for Google, for Baidu, the previous points to do enough, it is important that the new station to add some original content and import some Gao Quan kind of link. Although the new domain name is not as good as the old domain name, but as long as the fresh blood enough, young vitality in Baidu's eyes, the weight is not less than calm.

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