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After the establishment of corporate Web site is facing the expansion of the content of the expansion of the work. The content of the site is not a very easy to fill the matter, to write good content, and by the site users love less than a little kung fu is difficult to do. The content of the site should first be presented to the search engine, followed by the user to see. So the content of the fill should first conform to the rules of the search engine.

The content of any enterprise Web site is first mined from within the company. For example: The company's internal night, the appearance of employees, and secondly in the company's products sold to which customers and what value for customers, how to deal with the company's industry have what news, the company's product news, product stories. Finally, the Internet channel from the library to find ideas to find inspiration, and determine the content of the article.

I have a few ideas on the source of the original articles of the Enterprise website.

1: Focus on the inside of the company. For example, the company organizes activities during the festival. Like the green embellish mushroom sauce Once organized a love donation activity, then and took a video, we can publish this video to the Internet, and with the text introduced to become an excellent original article, and let users see the value of the enterprise.

2: Focus on the company's success stories. The company's products in the process of the transaction, how it happened, where it happened, by who led the progress of the project and so on. The whole process is a good article material, after finishing can let the user see the service flow of the enterprise. For example: Rui Bo Sports once for China's seventh session of the peasant will be built a stadium of plastic runway, as the material and the whole process released, is a qualified soft article.

3: The company's industry news. Industry news is happening all the time, behind every news is a story. For example: Now a lot of people are writing it blog, their inspiration is to focus on industry news, the business of the daily occurrence of the news is very much, you can talk about your views on the news. After finishing is also a good news.

4: News of the company's products. The news of the company's products is more difficult to write, we are not product manager. But it is also one of the sources of inspiration that occurs in the process of product promotion. For example: Today our products where the promotional activities, lead the old customers where to play and so on.

5: Fully utilize and excavate network resources. There are a lot of technical documents on the Internet that we can download. Break it down, write it out from one of the key keys and eventually form an excellent article. For example: We download an explosion-proof air-conditioning document from the library, the beans, can be from its technology, history, the future, such as a focus of development to write.

6: Use the competitor website to find ideas. You will not be the competitor will, see how the Peer article is written. And get inspiration from it. For example: radiator, itself in the south, with less. Look at the peer site, they summed up the radiator classification, maintenance and other aspects of knowledge, for these you are how to see. and organize their own articles.

Enterprise website original article creation boring and monotonous, in the process to resist their temper, slowly. Write more, do more, and finally incorporate your own experience in a new article. I wish you all in the writing of original articles to go more and more smoothly, and ultimately can be written.

This article by the lung explosion-proof air-conditioning original release reprint please note the source

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