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The newspaper yesterday, the city housing construction project issued the "Beijing Residential special maintenance funds use audit standards", the first time to define the building units, property enterprises and owners of the property warranty, maintenance, repair of the responsibility of the boundary, so that the maintenance of property repair more clearly, the use of maintenance funds more reasonable.  Among them, 6 kinds of emergency, can not vote directly by the owner of the housing special maintenance funds, than the previous provisions added a situation. Li Ziqiang, director of the Housing Safety and equipment Management Office of the municipal Construction project, said that Beijing began to implement the "Beijing Residential Special Maintenance fund management measures" last December 1, after practice and application, found that at present, due to different sources of maintenance funds, building units, property enterprises and owners often due to the use of the boundaries of Each county undertakes the Special Maintenance Fund approval Department, regarding the maintenance project and the fund approval scale grasps also is not unified.  Thus, after nearly three months, they have developed this standard and can also be seen as a manual for the use of the scheme. Li Ziqiang said that the definition of the use of property costs for daily 0 maintenance of housing and the use of special maintenance funds for housing maintenance, renovation and renovation of the boundary between the two, is the focus of this standard to solve the problem. In the process of compiling the standard, the paper has made full reference to the standards of large, medium and minor repairs and the actual situation of the city, and determined the maintenance conditions of each part of the building with qualitative and quantitative method.  After the expiry of the housing quality warranty in this city, the use of special maintenance funds may be used when the common site and the common facilities are listed in this standard.  After the introduction of the standard, will be the relevant departments of the county for residential special maintenance funds to use audit to provide the basis for the owners can through the county Housing Safety Section to see the specific content, and for reference and supervision. Interpretation of the provisions of the warranty period to prohibit the use of maintenance funds "regulations" after the expiry of the housing warranty, where the common site of the dwelling and the common facility equipment have the conditions stipulated in this standard, the owner who occupies more than two-thirds of the total area of the building by the Special Maintenance Fund of the dwelling, and the owners who account for more than two-thirds of the total number, shall discuss it.  Housing Special maintenance funds can be used for maintenance, renovation, renovation. "Interpretation," said Li Ziqiang, according to the national and municipal regulations and standards, clearly put forward the share of the residential areas, common facilities and equipment maintenance, renovation and renovation of the minimum standard for the quality of each project, while the "Housing quality guarantee" commitment to the warranty period is higher than the relevant regulations, procedures, "Housing quality Guarantee" Prevail. In the quality warranty period, the use of residential special maintenance funds are strictly prohibited maintenance. But if the damage is considered destructive, that is who is responsible for the repairs.  Reporter learned that the housing quality warranty mainly includes the main structural safety, elevator engineering, decoration works, the warranty period of more than 5 years, the lowest also has 2 years. Six emergency cases can be directly listed in the maintenance funds "provisions" of the following endanger the use of housing safety or serious impact on the use of one of the functions, do not need to pay the special maintenance funds within the scope of the exclusive part of the total building area of three centMore than two of the owners and accounted for the total number of more than two-thirds of the owners discussed through, can use the housing special maintenance funds for maintenance. "Interpretation" published yesterday in the "standard", the special drainage facilities due to collapse, blockage, burst and other functional barriers, endanger the safety of personal property, including emergency situations.  Other emergencies have not changed, but 4 of these emergencies are more detailed. "The procedure for applying for a claim has not changed." Li Ziqiang said that in case of emergency, the owners could apply to the District Housing Safety Branch through the industry authority and the property. After the appraisal, may direct the public maintenance funds. The estate has not yet been established, and the owners have handled it through the property together, and no community with no property is allowed to go through the streets together.  In the case of failure to wait for the identification results, the property or the owner can cushion the maintenance, pending the identification and obtain a refund.  Troubleshooting to ask developers to buy repair insurance: If the warranty period, the developer on bankruptcy or cancellation, how to protect housing repair? A: Li Ziqiang said that the measures and standards have not yet provided for such a situation, but they have begun to work out the relevant provisions. It is now envisaged that, in order to avoid such a situation, development companies are likely to be required to buy maintenance insurance, which has been discussed with a number of insurance companies. In addition, can also require the development of enterprises to pay the house, pay a certain maintenance margin, to ensure maintenance during the warranty period.  Finally, the development enterprise can entrust other agencies to carry out the warranty.  Li Ziqiang also said that the city housing urban and Rural Construction Committee will also introduce property services to the maintenance of housing construction technology standards, clear property costs for daily 0 maintenance of the specific contents of the house. Links • Six serious cases 1. Roofing, exterior wall waterproof local damage, leakage is serious, after many traps still difficult to solve; 2. Elevators occur race, squat or unexpected disasters endanger the safety of the person, the periodic inspection was ordered to stop the ladder rectification; 3. High-rise residential water supply Supervisor Road serious leakage, pump (including life pump, fire pump) , spray pump, regulator pump, medium water pump, etc.) occurred pump body leakage, pump motor burned, and so on, resulting in the interruption of water supply; 4. Body building one side of the outer wall finishes more than one-fifth of the area has the risk of falling off; 5. Special drainage facilities caused by collapse, blockage, burst and other functional barriers, endanger the safety of personal property; 6. Functional barriers to fire  , the fire Management department requires the maintenance and renovation of fire protection facilities and equipment. This edition of the reporter 翟烜
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