Southern Airlines International routes to the first increase in fuel surcharges from July 20 onwards

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Every reporter Wan Xia in the state authorities are still for the recovery of domestic routes fuel surcharge repeatedly measured, the first China Southern Airlines increased the international aviation fuel surcharge. Reporter learned yesterday, from July 20 (the date of the ticket), the Southern Airlines will increase the international route of the levy of fuel surcharges, each section of the increase of 50 yuan to 200 yuan.  In addition, a moratorium on the levy of fuel surcharges in China originating from Japan on July 1 has been levied at 250 yuan per segment. It is reported that the scope of the adjustment is quite large, almost all of the South Airlines in the world on all continents, the increase in the range between 25%~40%. From June 30 onwards, domestic airlines commonly used 3rd jet fuel ex-factory price per ton from 4020 yuan to 5050 yuan, up to 25.6%.  After a big increase in fuel-jet kerosene prices, several airlines said they had applied for or were considering the need for the competent authorities to apply for a levy on the domestic fuel surcharge. According to the relevant department of Southern Airlines estimates, as the aviation oil prices, Southern Airlines in the second half of the aviation oil costs will be increased by 2.24 billion yuan. If the fuel surcharge on domestic routes can be restored to levels prior to December 25, 2008, Southern Airlines may be able to reduce the cost of fuel inflation by about 50%.
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