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Perhaps a few months ago, you did not know Spakeys this from Guangdong puning underwear brand, although there are already too many tags on the brand: "High-end silk underwear", "Star Plus designers", "dedicated to female elegance" ... But in this era of advertising hype, no amount of clear-cut labels seem to be able to focus on people's eyes.

Until the brand and a person's name-Cang jing empty connection, about the Internet underwear brand on the topic of continuous fermentation on the network, there are fans support the voice, there are passers-by onlookers, the industry has a high degree of concern.

So, in this social electric business game, what kind of marketing does Mr. Cang really play?

Event + topic: Marketing is a campaign

Time to return to May 19, with more than 1.5 million micro Bo fan of Cang Jing empty for the first time on the micro-blog on the network to sell their own design underwear, and shouted millet lei, ask how to do electrical business.

Although, Lei did not publicly respond on Weibo, as to whether there is a private exchange, we do not know, but the studious Cang teacher did play a millet good at "hunger marketing." May 28, Cang Jing Empty officially on Weibo on the sale of their "empty series" underwear, in 5 hours and 28 points within the limited sales of 528 sets of underwear, each set price of 1288 yuan.

Obviously, "Cang teacher sells underwear" The topic effect has reached, before the obscure Spakeys brand, its official microblog fan also surged from thousands of to now 170,000.

Things have developed to the present, whether it is an expert to see the doorway, or a layman to see the lively, everyone's eyes seem to be entangled in one point-why is Cang jing empty?

Why can't it be Cang jing empty? In the name of the brand of Guangdong Xian Yi Dai Co., Ltd. Chairman Hongjong, the choice of Cang Jing is the topic of her. "Our brand positioning is: Light luxury silk underwear." For a higher end of the line of the brand, the first is to start the visibility. Let the public know you this brand, then can gather a group of relatively small consumer groups. ”


Guangdong Xian Yi Dai Fashion Co., Ltd. Chairman Hongjong accepted the World Network Business reporter interview

It is worth mentioning that the underwear sold by the teacher regardless of the topic in the discussion, reached the effect of the participation of all people, in product sales, but also to break through the general female underwear consumer gender boundaries. An interesting figure shows that among the first sales, the ratio of male buyers to female buyers reached 4:6. Have to sigh, Cang Teacher's appeal is really not to be underestimated.

Get through the platform: The fan economy must also talk about the closed loop

At the beginning of brand creation, Hongjong and his team are determined to create a "internet gene" underwear brand. Therefore, in the sales channels, they first selected micro-bo, micro-letter These now just red social electric business platform.

Admittedly, from its marketing approach, the first choice of social power platform is understandable, but obviously the brand's ambitions more than that.

August 18, Spakeys's brand debut ceremony and the cat flagship store opened in Hangzhou opened the curtain. From the national mainstream media, artists Cang Jing Empty, cat top, Fashion circle celebrities, electric business celebrities and the successful appointment from the network hundreds of of spectators attended the event.


From left to right: puning Sand Chamber of Commerce President Chen, Spakeys empty series of creative director Cang Jing empty, cat underwear class head operation leader Lu Yue, Xian Yi Dai Group Chairman Hongjong, Xian Yi Dai Group Vice Chairman Zhang Yingzhong, China Underwear Committee Peng GUIFA President, Xian Yi Dai consultant Wuzhonglie professor, Spakeys chief designer Yu Xumin

Xian Yi Dai Project planning director Ding said "Some people say we ask Cang Jing empty is playing in the fan economy, but in fact we want to do a lot, how to get through the platform?" to form a closed loop for the fan economy? We are exploring the play. ”

Through microblogging, micro-letter, Cat flagship store, Amoy Shop and its elegant China club, Spakeys hope that through the interoperability between the platform, so that fans can be in these platforms, and the brand to form a benign interaction. Ding stressed: "The focus of the fan economy is the user stickiness, to create such a platform closed loop, so that our fans are not only the traditional meaning of the audience, but also to participate in the brand building in every aspect." ”

This idea comes from the first batch of experience of the product, some of whom in the comments of Ms. Cang's microblog, very attentively put forward their own experience feeling. Spakeys felt the value of the fans for the brand and decided to dig vigorously. Hongjong said Next, Spakeys still have to do some product landing aspect of work, O2O may be a new direction.

From marketing to branding: a long way to go

How to make a brand from marketing to good? This seems to be the problem of every brand that has a reputation for social marketing.

1, marketing is just another way, but not copy.

At present, the case of "Cang teachers buy underwear" is not replicable. Even if there are other brands to ask the same person, in the same way, the degree of attention is difficult to achieve this effect. In the internet age, opportunities always favor those who are brave enough to take the first step.

Of course, also can not generalize, to know the fast-paced environment, people's forgetfulness is also rapid, and social marketing just caught the rhythm of the mystery. Marketing is always in a new way, refresh our cognition again and again.

2, product and marketing, sustainability is very important

From the interview, we learned that: in the whole marketing to the real purchase process, the conversion rate is not high.

Back to their product positioning: the light luxury route. Although the raw material is pure silk, but also the star participates in the design, but still obvious gimmick is bigger than the product itself. To know, for the electrical business, low price is the first major advantage, and 1288 yuan pricing, obviously not in the general net buyers accept the scope. Can only say that is still in a "blue sea", after all, with the international line of well-known underwear brand compared to the price is cheap, but with the domestic online sales of a number of underwear brand, there is also its own tone. As to whether in this piece of blue sea to break a day, but also to see the future of their own fortune.

Second, this marketing approach is not a long-term plan. The choice of Cang Jing empty as the first shot of brand awareness, its questioning and the topic of the enthusiastic degree of the same loud, obviously, brand manufacturers also noticed this point. In the local time from August 8 to August 10, the brand's advertising in New York Times Square debut, and the propaganda and Cang teacher has no half cents relationship.

In short, no matter what manner of popular, return to the quality of the product itself, the real establishment of a good brand is the right path.

"Maybe one day, there will be a smart, it is not impossible." Hongjong joked.

In this era of Internet thinking, fixed mode of thinking, it will never become the first sip of the people. As Hongjong himself has said, there is an infinite possibility of the future.

TIPS Dialogue Cang Jing Empty


August 18, Spakeys brand after the first show, Cang Jing Empty accepted I World Network business exclusive interview.

I World Network business: is for what reason, lets you choose with Spakeys to carry on this cooperation? has this cooperation reached its own expectations?

Cang Jing Empty: One day the broker asked me: "If there is a series of underwear that belongs to you, and you also want to participate in the design, are you interested?" In this way, my empty series was born. Our cooperation has just begun, my expectations are very ambitious, haha!

I World Network business: Why the first contact with the electric dealer choose underwear This commodity? will consider other products later?

Cang Jing Empty: No special design to do first, everything is a coincidence. The future will have to be looked at, there is a suitable opportunity to consider.

I World Network business: Will there be some concerns before cooperation?

Cang Jing Empty: Not at all.

I World Network business: oneself for underwear design inspiration from what? What do you want to express through this design?

Cang Jing Empty: Inspiration from the Black Swan, because the Black Swan is very mysterious, give people the feeling is very elegant. The fabric is very important, then wear it very comfortable, it is healthy beauty.

I World Network business: In the process of cooperation there is nothing to impress you particularly profound things?

Cang Jing Empty: I finally know, do a underwear need a lot of people involved, very complex, but I am satisfied with the finished product.

I World Network business: Next with Spakeys further cooperation?

Cang Jing Empty: Empty series has just begun, of course, to continue to work hard!

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