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Do a lot of specialty sites, I think the specialty site for personal webmaster Professional to do as a specialty products in the same than to do a comprehensive local specialty sites, more easily to achieve results, and then gradually expand can do large, small proportion of large to do fine easily. Individual single Specialty website (www.yn2007.com) to promote the course, for your reference:

One: To promote must be good to the engine, but also inseparable from the engine, maintain a good mentality

When the website was just online, ranking has been not ideal, all day thinking that how to do not rely on the engine can also be promoted, the results of a few months, or listen to a friend's advice, back to study engine, the results last year in the major engine many as long as the key word has been ranked first, but recently due to hackers, Frequent changes to the server and deletion of a large number of dynamic pages result in small changes in individual keyword rankings. Good rankings how to do:

Original is necessary: from the site content, procedures, navigation, classification, site name to ensure that the original, the original things not only can get the engine of love can also make it easier for customers to remember you.

Second, to do the site before the things to prepare:

For example, www.yuntianma.com This station, the first to do a good job planning, how to do, what function is needed, what can be achieved, what to make the station, what is the worst case, what is the best situation. Before you want to do what station, you must first think of their own ability, time, living expenses can support the development of the site, maintenance, operations. Second: is to study your similar sites, find their own advantages, and try to enlarge, to avoid the shortcomings of predecessors, so that the site will be competitive.

Second, the Plan good customer group

To find a prospective customer group can be more effective promotion, different customer base needs different promotion methods and website procedures. My site is a static page, no program, no background.

Iii. Template

Self-made a special template, and so you have a product ready, the next product can continue to use.

Iv. content of the website

The simpler the website is, the better it is to let people know what you are doing at a glance. About the product Description class The more rich the more authoritative the better.

Five choice one or two suitable for their own promotional methods to persist in doing

Many of the articles introduced to promote the good, the effect must have, the key is that you do not insist on doing no. I this station search engine included not much but a lot of single page rankings are good. PR also from 01 steps to achieve 5. Just start 2 months do not want to do optimization, want to do the user, do the weight of the search. If you do not good, it is you do not enough, not in place.

In short: What we want to do is very simple, the key depends on whether you are enough to insist on. Thanks to all the friends who have supported and helped me all the time.

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