St Albania will receive 1.08 billion motor assets today unlimited trading limit

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NetEase Financial November 3 News has been suspended for six months *st (000922) announced today the reorganization plan. *st will take all of its assets, liabilities and Jiamusi Motor Factory held a 51.25% stake in the good power to replace, the difference is part of the *st by directional additional way to the good power plant purchase.  At the same time, the company to the directional issue of shares as the right price, by the Dragon Group and June can industrial holdings of the 47.07% and 1.68% of the equity stake. The reorganization, *ST will set out assets of about 135 million yuan, placed in assets of about 1.08 billion yuan, will hold a 100% stake in the good power.  *st Main products will be converted to explosion-proof motor, crane motor, General Motors, roller motor. *st, after the disclosure, reorganization, the company due to cash flow tension and the burden of state-owned enterprises, and other reasons, the company's scientific research and development, technical transformation investment seriously insufficient, follow-up products and processing means to improve very slowly, the market competitiveness gradually decline. The market for traditional leading-product relays has shrunk severely, and other products have been poorly profitable.  Companies in 2008, 2009, two consecutive years of losses, this year and next two years to achieve more difficult to profit, facing a large suspension of the market or even the risk of delisting. *st said that the controlling shareholder, Harbin Electric Group, had intended to inject automatic control assets to reverse the company's losses, but in the current situation, automatic control of assets is not suitable for injection. Compared with the control assets, the electric motor industry has a bright future, and the company's high market share, technology leadership, product market competitiveness, good future profitability, its income scale is much higher than the self-control assets, profitability and profitability is stronger than the self-control assets.  Therefore, *st that the 100% equity injection of the good power shares is more conducive to the development of the company, improve and improve the profitability of listed companies, safeguard shareholders ' interests, avoid listed companies retreat, and achieve sustainable development. St Albania opened today to seal the limit, the whole day only deal 4.945 billion yuan, the market is generally reluctant.
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