Star Yuquan's small Phoenix chassis is designed for HTPC users

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"Zhongguancun Online Market" mini chassis because of the small size, exquisite appearance by many HTPC users love. Star Yuquan's small Phoenix chassis is specially designed for the HTPC user, has the fashionable appearance and the outstanding heat dissipation ability, at present in Jingdong Mall's price is 319 yuan, recently wanted to form the small home platform or the HTPC user may wish to pay attention to.

Product Technical Features:

• Stylish appearance, strong thermal capacity

• Self-powered 90W power Adapter

Star Yu Quan small Phoenix Chassis

Star Yu Quan small Phoenix chassis body using all aluminum material, size for 280x190x67mm, can be said to be very small. The front panel of the chassis is equipped with an audio interface, two USB2.0 connectors, and a slim DVD drive bit in addition to the power supply and restart key.

Set up a large number of cooling holes

In order to ensure cooling, star Yu Quan small Phoenix chassis at the top of the fuselage, side panels, the bottom are open a large number of cooling holes, and equipped with a 60mm fan, to enhance the internal air circulation.

Internal space

Because of the mini design, star Yu Quan small Phoenix chassis can only accommodate ITX size of the motherboard, as well as a notebook optical drive and a notebook hard drive, or only two notebook hard drive.

Self-powered 90W

Also by the volume limit, Star Yu Quan small Phoenix can not install standard power or mini PC power, so this chassis with a 90W power adapter. Star Yu Quan Small Phoenix (GT850) chassis type Desktop case (mini) chassis style vertical and horizontal application motherboard ITX Power 90W Adapter (standard) 5.25-inch position 2.5-inch Position 2 front interface USB2.0 Interface x2 headphone Interface X1 Microphone Interface X1 Thermal Performance 1x 60mm Fan (standard) line function does not support line function radiation protection chassis color black, red, silver chassis material Aluminum Dimensions 280x190x67mm packing list chassis native x1 Screw Bag x1

Editorial comments star Yu Quan small Phoenix chassis appearance compact fashion, and in the heat dissipation has been strengthened, not because of the small internal space and affect the work of hardware, suitable for the establishment of a home HTPC platform to use.

Star Yu Quan Small Phoenix (GT850)

[Reference price] 319 yuan

[Quote inquiry] Chassis product Quote Star Woo Spring product quote

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