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Webmaster in the process of construction, it is easy because of the impulse to choose their own unfamiliar areas, resulting in the development of the site after the dilemma, often faced with lack of resources, relevant experience, in-depth exploration of the potential of web site content to face many difficulties. In this way, from the beginning of the establishment of the station decided to be in the webmaster for such a strange field of success, it is difficult to imagine. And really smart people are decidedly not going to choose this path of development, instead, you should be in the familiar field, mobilize and play you can find all the advantages of resources, focus on a specific subdivision of the field, to achieve a maximum, once you have done, then, success is not far from you. How to achieve this goal, the webmaster can be the goal of the realization process is divided into three steps.

The first step: the use of SWOT analysis to identify advantages and disadvantages to determine the direction of development.

The most common method for career planning is SWOT analysis, this analytic approach allows us to find out what is best for you and not to do, by analyzing the current situation, the strengths you have, and the problems you face and the disadvantages you are facing. To find a clear direction for your career development. And this analysis is also applicable to the webmaster in the selection of the station in the direction above, the webmaster before building a station, you can list the areas they are good at, the resources at hand, their future may face problems, as well as the current need to solve problems, so, after comparison and analysis, You will be able to select the direction you should choose in terms of the disadvantages and problems you need to solve. Finally, in the determination of the direction of development, once again the advantages and disadvantages of the combination of analysis, confirm the correct, then have to make up their minds, the relevant resources to prepare, to start the next step.

The second step: call all resources, create boutique website, establish the leading edge.

When you start building your station in the direction you've found, AdSense need to use their own advantages, all can be mobilized to find all the advantages of resources, while they enrich the content of the site, so that the site to become the key to attract users, while the use of resources at hand while constantly searching for new resources, Ensure that resources are updated in a timely manner. Like in the development of the odd-odd comics, we will mobilize all the resources of the team members, all the resources available to collect the collection, as a repository of content to enrich the site. At the same time, we are also mobilizing the comic-loving friends we can find to share some of their scarce and precious resources with us, thus ensuring the richness of our resources. In addition, in the process of collecting resources, we also by the Division of labor, the expansion of resources to collect channels, through continuous expansion, in the past, based on the more excellent resources available. In this way, so rich and diverse content so that the site in just a short period of development will have and determine the advantages, in this area to establish their own reputation and influence, through Word-of-mouth dissemination, also greatly improve the site's access to the number of loyal users.

The third step: Occupy the lead to always maintain a sense of crisis, continuous progress has long been successful.

After a period of efforts to develop, we make our site in a field to gain their own leading edge, and at this time it is easy to be overtaken by others or even attack, at this time not only can not be proud and complacent, not to stop before, stay at the current level. But should examine the website in oneself, discover the problem at the same time, the active netizen, through the interaction between the user and the management team, obtains the more user experience opinion, facilitates the unceasing improvement and the enhancement. At the same time, the person responsible for regular understanding and "monitoring" the competitive relationship of the site, to their new development, new technology to carry out timely follow-up and understanding of the development of the Web site has a significant impact on the function, technology or content, and so on, to promptly follow up, so that the level of their own web site is always not fall after people, In some respects is to establish a quality awareness, to maintain absolute leadership. Only this step can make the site in the development process, has its own unique advantages, in other ways will not lag behind other rival sites. In this way, the party can establish its own leading edge, such success can be maintained for a long time. Otherwise, complacency will only make success a flash in the pan, fast to be overtaken by opponents, and then to go beyond the difficulty and need to pay the cost can only be higher. At all times to maintain a sense of crisis, to make the site progress, and constantly improve. This article comes from the of QiQi Comics website.

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