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Webmaster Do the site, said the direct point, is to make money; do the site is not purely for the interest, more is "life", the material Foundation is enriched, do the website to have more confidence, also can do for a long time. But the survey showed that 80 of China's webmaster is not profitable, or that little profit. How to achieve profitability, this is a very urgent problem.

A5 Forum November 27 Edition Chat invite personal webmaster-Guo Yuxiang, discuss "how to make use of the website to make Money" topic, discuss the website has what profit opportunity, how to make money. This article summarizes the version of the chat part of the content and share with you.

Q: Guo Yuxiang now have a few garbage stations, what are the types of it?

A: QQ, paper, pictures, both sexes, a mess have.

Q: How do you do fine? How do these rubbish stations make money?

A: The essence of what I said might not be the 1th you understand. My station each key word index will not exceed 1000, for example, I do the thesis, I will choose an industry, a position, to specialize in it, so it is easy to gather traffic, not very competitive.

Q: This is good, there is traffic how to make money?

A: Usually we all do GG bar. Below I tell you my own method, may be more old-fashioned, but I feel very practical.

First of all, I share with you, how I used a single page to do 100,000 IP, one day income reached 3 4 digits. Believe that do picture station friend, all know now exchange flow, and do picture station friends all in exchange, I repeated research for several days, found that the principle, as long as they have 10,000 IP, you can exchange to 100,000 or more.

I took out a single page to do the experiment, I originally built this single page, Baidu will not have included, let alone there is traffic. I'm on some picture sites, gender website bought some advertising bit, about 3000IP a day, when I have 3000IP, I have with some exchange chain in exchange traffic, my site does not have substance content, on a home page, a few text links, and a few of the temptation to link pictures.

These links all point to the corresponding Exchange chain address. In the picture station and the sex station buys the advertisement probably to spend 1000 yuan, has come 3,000 IP, this 3,000 IP takes to exchange, changed 40,000 more ip,4 million IP every day to put the window the income to have 70 to 100 yuan. When the exchange flow normal operation after a day, you can no longer input traffic to exchange, if the site or Exchange chain does not have problems, these traffic will always be exchanged. So slowly the larger the roll, the formation of 100,000 IP.

Q: How does the Magic website make money?

A: cooperative wholesalers, training, advertising alliances will waste traffic.

Q: What are you mainly good at or what do you do now, and what are your strengths? I've heard that you don't know what you're doing, can you take some of your own websites for example?

A: are doing the spam site, to say the truth, did not take the shot. Usually QQ, Non-mainstream, paper, model, pictures, both sexes. I am a full-time website, no work, as for the advantages I think it should be I work harder than ordinary people.

Q: There is no actual content of the flow swap, the money in this circle, the final unlucky is those who paid the end user, advertising federation and advertisers.

A: Yes, eventually this method may not work, that is to say, make money, be good at discovering. A5 ads, 51la ads, every one I have seen.

Q: Which leagues do you think are more formal and long?

A: Do GG This is a long time.

Q: Do GG, brush flow will not be k?

A: Definitely K. I do GG is to use their own website to import the high price of the site to do.

Q: If the purchase flow will be googlek off

A: Flow true will not be K, I do GG for several years.

Q: I will front design, backstage, promotion, do not know what type of site do not know how to make money? Trouble guide, thank you.

A: You know technology, why not A5 orders? design, backstage, promotion, are stationmaster very need, if can put this set of technology to integrate well, very likely will want to seowhy same recruit training.

Q: Can you specifically say how to make money on the A5?

A: In A5 have technology on the orders, no technology to do intermediary, but to be honest; in A5 there are many sellers can not find buyers, buyers could not find the seller. Matchmaking for buyers and sellers is also a way.

Q: Hello! What kind of website do you want to make money now?

A: What Web site all earn, but to do fine. Now the theme station is difficult to get ranked, basic search keywords are ranked some of the large portal site within the page or list page in front. For example, you enter the "Application for membership" You look at page 1th, and page 2nd difference. Therefore, I suggest to do a theme station, to do a certain industry, a certain position of the topic.

Q: I have just graduated, online too many traps, I have not earned a penny on the internet, often cheated AH! Can you cooperate with me? Will you teach me?

A: This ultimately you need to learn, cooperation is a good way, but see this cooperation value is not worth, if a project profit of 100 you can fully operate, there is no need to cooperate with others, their own efforts.

Q: Guo Yuxiang income is very good, specifically including which income can be disclosed?

A: Sell products, advertising alliances. On these two incomes.

Q: The advertising alliance understands what products are sold.

A: Anything can be sold, Ma said 5 years later do not do E-commerce, you will certainly regret.

Q: Regional discount sites, how to achieve the best promotion effect? In addition to QQ, Forum class promotion, because I found that now the traditional promotion is not now, do not know how to create the topic.

A: Like a regional discount site, as long as the line to do in place, very soon, but everyone often said so, stationmaster Bar, a long time a person, very few people to achieve, more organized activities, even if not to earn money, but also exercise their own.

Q: Does the brush Exchange link Alliance teach you to learn bad? There will always be a variety of transactions in the market.

A: If you don't do it, others will do it. I say this method, not to say that let everybody imitate to do, just want to tell people say, a lot of discovery, the opportunity of making money is many.

Q: May I have the potential to develop my website? Listen to others say my positioning is not very good, and now there is not much traffic, promotion can not find a good way to teach.

A: Shop, I suggest you do a special topic, such as: cosmetics, personalized jewelry and so on, and then you contact some of the sellers Taobao, their products to promote in your site, they are in the store and you do a link. In this way, you do 10 Taobao store, you have 10 valuable users, if you have good sourcing, you can cooperate with them.

Q: My positioning is the buyer, if you do a special topic, only to help shop free to do the promotion, and then in their online shop to do a friend chain, the personal literary talent compare to help shop to do the words may be a little difficult oh.

A: You may not understand what I mean, if, you are in a certain industry, know a lot of shop long, this industry's shop chief knows your website. The value of such users is very large, you can put some of their own wholesale ads on the site.

Q: How should the local class website be profitable?

A: Of course not appropriate, advertising alliance is suitable for traffic sex site to hang. The local class website perhaps you are not very famous, is not very big, lets the local merchant advertise, simply is impossible. You can take the initiative, contact the merchant, pull to the user, divided into, I have seen a do a very good, but also the initial development, I forgot the address, immediately found, here edited out to you to see.

Q: I do is classified information site, now the day IP is more than 500, do not know how to profit, blind AH.

A: Classified information, suggest you play the main brand, many webmaster will make such a mistake, as long as it is hot things are added. This is very messy, bad management, not easy to develop.

Q: How do you build your brand? If more traffic and more good positioning are achieved, how can you increase the fidelity of the user's paste degree?

A: If you are a group purchase, you specialize in group buying, now most people pay although very high, but group buying is very popular. Do not mix other information, want to have other information, can cooperate with other local industry, so you advertise him, he promoted you.

Q: If you can do 10,000 IP, then what should I do to make as much profit as possible?

A: Look what industry you are the site, if it is epidemic, you can try to import traffic (in their own station put ads connected to the station of GG), if it is the industry site to recommend selling products, advertising Alliance is purely a waste of traffic.

Q: Guo you have always said to import traffic to the high price GG station, how to operate it? is a picture advertisement to attract others to point, or use the window?

A: Put ads click into, such a flow of value, the window will make users disgusted. was interested, but bounced out of the closed.

Q: What are the advantages of the guests who think they earn more money than other stationmaster? Hard work, opportunity, or comparative thinking?

A: Hard work, persistence, opportunity. I think so.

Q: These factors are important, why do 80% of the webmaster in China make no money? or make very little money.

A: Not able to stick to the wall can not bend.

Some people can make money, perhaps because he is more able to think than others can be flexible, more hardship, more perseverance. When you complain that you have no income, do you have the same effort as others, do you learn to adapt? Do you try to give and take the chance?

The above discussion of the Guo Yuxiang way of making money, maybe you have around, but you did not face, ignore, or you disagree, or you do not insist, so you do not get the corresponding return. Not everyone can make a lot of money, but everyone has the opportunity to see you know how to grasp. (Wen/Meng Jiang finishing)

More about the use of the site to make money content, you can log into the version of the chat post to see, post address:

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