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In the network to promote products or websites, there are often some skills can make painstaking effort. The author through his years in the network to promote the planning experience, a brief description of five aspects. Hope to bring the novice webmaster or e-commerce people some inspiration.

First, the eye effect, to find ways to promote the audience interest

Must let oneself promotion can seize the audience's eyeball, this has two big benefits, first is has the reputation, second has the flow. This is very important, simple to say, but often overlooked. A smart internet marketer tends to spend energy to plan and make eye effects. Just like we often say to write Soft wen, a wonderful soft text or planning can bring how many clicks, but some of our webmaster will not devote attention to this, so also often complained that no effect. Just keep in mind that the meaning of the quantity in essence will understand how important this is. So, personal webmaster, please plan your own website or product before the promotion.

Second, activities and holiday marketing tend to have a wonderful effect

With the author's promotion experience, festivals and activities are not only free, but also extremely willing to accept other people's guidance. In activities and festivals, the audience's rejection of you is often greatly reduced. Therefore, smart Online marketing, please do not ignore the holiday and activities to promote the golden date. You should try to organize a campaign as much as possible to organize a holiday marketing.

Third, a kind of marketing called advisory services

Consulting Services Why is the author particularly like one. We make an analogy, in the Baidu question and answer, we carefully for the questioner, and then gently promote their products, as far as possible objective and fair to promote, you will find that the last received the effect of super good. Not only did you get an unexpected order, but also a friend.

Four, find a way to get someone to look for you. Order success rate is more obvious

You have to find a way to get someone to look for you, whether it's promoting anything. It's different for others to find you and find someone else. Others take the initiative to find you often you have more advantages, the success rate is higher. How we let others find you, that is, we have to show their unique characteristics of the place, so that others have trust to find you. There are many ways to do this, and I believe smart friends will definitely understand.

Promotion planning and network hotspot combination

The so-called hot spot with the network, is standing on the back of giants. Network hotspots can quickly let you have the trend of promotion, quickly gain audience interest, and can be spread and share for the audience. Real-time attention to the network hotspot, and their own promotion into, the effect is a way to promote several times.

The above five points are the network marketing and promotion planning in particular to pay attention to several points, personal webmaster or e-commerce people complain about the ineffective, may wish to combine the above ideas, to take care of their own marketing steps. Sound their own marketing methods, I believe that perseverance, there will be good results. The above article by the ad-free novel network Webmaster exclusive writing, A5 starting, reproduced please retain the source.

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