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The rapid development of Taobao has driven a lot of Amoy customers, some of which Amoy to do quite a success, we envy these masters at the same time, more admire is their executive power, although the registration of a domain name, open space can do a amoy, but the sadness in the inside may only know. This article and you share some of the practical promotion of Amoy skills, welcome to correct. In fact, there are many on the Internet we can learn from the method, many are more practical, we could not be proficient in everything, often using a good method can be effective, if you must insist on, and stick through the dark before the light. Well, I believe we also have confidence in ourselves, the following from several aspects to share.

First, good mentality, long adhere to: no matter what to do, the mentality has enough reason to put in the first place, your height depends on your attitude. Many of the pros and your differences may not be technical, perhaps not the strategy, but the mentality, they and you may use the same method, but your results are different, because they will go to the ultimate, until the success. Amoy now do a lot of people, but a long time to adhere to very little, plus do the site is boring live, so, before doing advised everyone to calm down, do not be quick success.

Second, to be flexible, will adapt: with a good mentality, not that you insist on a way not to consider another good promotion methods. The flexibility to learn to adapt, not equal to give up, because some things are cyclical and seasonal. To observe more, learn more other people's promotion methods, of course, we learn not to imitate, just to improve themselves, so that their ideas more broad, broad ideas, perhaps inspiration will ensue.

Third, to find the target, quasi-positioning: Here the target refers to the accurate target customers, do not do some hard work. Many people will post complaints about how much of my traffic, but little profit. This is the reason that the invalid traffic is too much. Your product is destined only for a certain type of people rather than the public, so find their settlements, such as forums, SNS, blogs, etc., see what they are talking about, see what they have difficulties, understand these, perhaps grasp the initiative.

Four, beautiful service, create characteristics: Why is it called Liang Service? This is a big gain for me in recent years. Beautiful service is to enable customers to remember your service, and sometimes your service to the user's impression is stronger than the product itself to the user's impression. For example, humor service is one of them, and lethality is great, sometimes the customer may be because of one of your words, a word will firmly remember you. Normal service customers will not complain, but will probably forget the next second, because everyone's service is very standard, no novelty can not let him have a deep impression.

V, seek cooperation, diversion volume: Now a lot of things rely on a person will appear weak, and rely on the team will appear particularly powerful. Amoy customers are in fact the same, their own flow is never enough or is not a complete target flow, so, to seek cooperation, diversion volume is very important, not only for themselves, others also have benefits, this is a win a lot of things webmaster will be happy to do. Website cooperation has a variety of ways, through pictures, text, links, navigation and other ways to actively guide users, after all, the hard-earned flow of waste if it is too bad.

VI, use SEO, do long tail: Now many netizens search habits have quietly changed, more and more netizens began to search for longer words, so the use of long tail words can be more targeted, the conversion rate is relatively high. Of course, picking a suitable target keyword is also crucial, after all, such words can bring traffic. Do SEO not only focus on the rankings, there is a number of strategies to use, and sometimes find the most direct method compared to the ranking useful more.

Well, the above from six aspects to share the Amoy guests Some things, these are only my personal view is very practical, if there are any wrong place, welcome to correct me. will continue to share with you on the planning of profit related experience.

Today's article is here, welcome to communicate with me. This article from: url: Amoy le bar,, also welcome reprint, reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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