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Professional site, that is, not the public to recognize the site, such as non-QQ station, fan, novel, and so on, such as 3D technology, CG technology, embedded development, etc., for the professional class site.

In the A5, there are many children's shoes are made professional class site, but many people tend to professional site as a mass site to do, is still the flow of +gg, after all, the professional type of the site GG is higher than the public class, but also Vico, but the professional type of site has a common type of site can not be compared to the operation and promotion of the program, become a professional I have been engaged in the production of professional-type site, mainly in the design, this is related to my own professional.

Less nonsense, directly listed for the professional type of a number of sites to promote the operation of the program:

1, the Professional class site, should first in the industry impact, the appropriate model is as follows:

A, the industry elite special visit, set up a number of fixed issues, have resumes and works.

This Dongdong general industry master are more willing to accept, after all, for him to further improve the fame, here is the key is content to let users have animations, do not interview for exclusive interview.

B, online competition activities.

Why the line, not the line, offline activities required to achieve a certain visibility effect better, and waste a lot of human resources, such as web design class, can hold a topic of the competition, prizes if no one sponsored on their own to provide, you can let others take the previous manuscript, otherwise very few people or more rookie participation.

2, the professional class site should focus on the forum to solve the problem.

A, oneself preferably is the profession expert, can solve most problems, otherwise, spend some money to ask people to do this thing, must.

B. Provide rewards to members who have the ability to help others solve problems.

3, the Professional class site do not pay attention to SEO, the structure is correct, you take the user as the fundamental, is the SEO

The above is a few years I do a professional site some experience, I hope to just do professional type of site, intends to run the regular operation of some help children's shoes.

Recently I also made a new professional class site, 3DMAX Bar,, we exchange to improve.

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