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Often on the webmaster network, but recently very lazy, just learn, but rarely write articles, webmaster network to learn a lot of knowledge of the operation of the Web site, thanks to webmaster Network! Now I would like to share with you the local job recruitment network is currently being promoted.

Before the station was built, it was a chance that I decided to do a local recruiting site, soon graduated, want to go home to find a good job, home development is backward, many enterprises, is not find work, and often talk about this matter with friends, also feel annoyed, suddenly feel, why not do a job search recruitment site? ? So that does not solve a lot of people's concerns? So, began to build a station!

First of all, pick the domain name that is easy to remember, it is best to pinyin, so chose, because. CN is cheaper, choose it. Next, is to specialize in the construction of the website, in this, I want to talk with you more about how I promote, because the construction station is the technology, we master such as clouds are many cows, so little brother will not elaborate.

I mainly take the online and offline combination strategy.

Online, mainly to do the following:

1, optimize the website structure, make it easier to read.

2, optimize the website keyword, select and filter the appropriate keywords

3. Find Links

Offline work has mainly done the following:

1. Printing the leaflet and issuing it. With regard to distribution, I have divided our place into regions, concentrated distribution of business-intensive and demand-intensive places, and I feel that this is the focus, and blind distribution has little effect. Remember very clearly, the first day of the release, IP reached more than 100, and the next day to reach nearly 500IP, and then between 300-500, those days is very excited, more and more passionate.

2, I insist on one hours a day at the door of Human resources bureau to stay, because, it is June good time, many graduates return home, handle various formalities or consultation, and come back to face looking for a job, I take the list to give them to introduce, simply say, the most important thing is that I go every day to leave a little bit there, because more will be cleaned up, Put a few, others thought is the human resources department, received attention, two, Department of People will not care about these, three is, they relaxed, no longer rely on that, to save time for themselves, so, ran for one weeks.

This time, both bitter and very happy, I hope it can go well! At this point, I would like to share my experience, hope for everyone to help! Finally, hope and everyone to do the next friendship link, my small station: Feicheng job Recruitment network

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