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Suningyun Group Co., Ltd. ("Suningyun") 2013.5 Annual report shows that the reporting period, the company realized operating profit of 839 million yuan, down 61.51%, belong to the listed company shareholder net profit of 734 million yuan, down 58.17%.     Suningyun in the Half-year report did not explain the reasons for the decline in profits, only pointed out that the net profit reduction is in view of operating income, gross profit margin and three cost rate (sales cost rate, management fee rate, financial cost rate) changes. September 2, Suningyun, a person in charge of the newspaper said, "Su Ning is still in the investment period." On the reason for the decline in net profits, the source said, mainly because of "more input this year, one is the implementation of the" two-line price "will sacrifice a part of the profits, the other is the electricity business investment more."     According to its analysis, the current domestic electric dealers are in the state of investment, Suningyun business turnover and investment growth in the case of a decrease in profits, but "the second half will be reversed." Suningyun in the announcement that the first half of 2013 to achieve total operating income of 55.533 billion yuan, an increase of 17.68%.     With the online business integration, as well as the effective promotion of sales to increase promotional efforts on the level of Mao's interest rates have a certain impact. According to Suningyun Business plan, in the second half of 2013, will continue to close 50 stores, and speed up in the two or three-level market open shop, fully promote the Internet upgrade stores. In the fourth quarter of this year, Su Ning will be in the north of Guangzhou and other first-tier cities to launch a 1.0 version of the Internet stores, and accelerate the replication and promotion in the country. "Every year, the company open shop or close is often the case, such as some shop location has not been selected, or changes in the business circle, poor performance, then the company will not open shop at a loss, need to turn off." Some stores are closed in order to create a bigger super store, which is due to the optimization of the store.     "The above person said to our correspondent. Attention to the small city layout has been the consensus of most retailers, Suningyun in the role of the traditional retailer to the Internet cloud business change, repeatedly stressed that the future open shop will pay attention to the two or three-tier market. At present, the city level of the region with Suningyun business entity stores, but Suningyun not involved in the county level area. "The future county-level market will be the focus of Suningyun business." For example, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei and other regions of the county cities do not have Suningyun store, but this market is very large. "Suningyun Internal responsible for the reporter said.

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