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Recently, the Thunderbolt Digital Mall launched a "pirated feedback" award-winning activities, digital video and support the genuine image of the perfect integration, not only to protect the Thunderbolt members have high-definition television privileges, but also promote the Internet digital content dissemination, distribution, interactive marketing, attracted a lot of anti-piracy netizens, friends of the support. To undertake the last phase of the crackdown on piracy activities, the Thunderbolt Digital Mall led netizens and friends to create a "support genuine, everyone is responsible for" the social good atmosphere.

Software name: Thunder look at the player (Thunder av) software version: official version of the software size: 41.53MB software Licensing: Free Application Platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista download address: http:// Figure 1 Figure 2

Support Genuine: Rich content + Picture Clear + plot complete

To attract netizens and friends to support the genuine, the richness of the digital content, film and the clarity of the picture and the story is the integrity of the elements are considered essential parts. Digital Mall provides a wealth of digital content, including film and television, games, education, magazines and so on.

In addition, the Digital mall is not simply a place to save money, but also a place to enjoy. Want to see the movie they want to see early, on the Internet are candid version, blurred picture, trembling, and even some of the head of the shadow, the voice when the small, the plot suddenly meet ... These situations do not appear in genuine films at all. See a film to see so hard, why not spend a small amount of support genuine, clear picture, plot integrity, these are the Thunderbolt Digital Mall to the user's HD genuine perfect experience!

Figure 3

Against piracy: The fight against piracy + feedback award

Thunderbolt with the mainstream content manufacturers and distributors at home and abroad to establish and maintain a good cooperative relationship, to ensure that the digital mall to provide all the goods are licensed from the legitimate manufacturers to obtain the content, coupled with this campaign to combat piracy, so that the Thunderbolt Digital mall will support the genuine and against piracy perfect combination. In fact, a lot of netizens and Reyou are in support of genuine, but there is no channel to combat piracy, the digital mall "to fight piracy, Feedback Award" is a hard to express their support genuine good opportunity.

If netizens want to contribute to the genuine strength, small series of course is recommended to participate in the Thunderbolt Digital Mall "against piracy, feedback award-winning" activities. In the Thunder Digital Mall outside the network channel to see the "Dragon flying a" (specific film according to the activities of the arrangement) of the full version of the film, you can pass three methods of feedback information.

1. Through Sina Weibo or Tencent micro-blog @ Thunder Digital Mall to the Thunderbolt Digital Mall Feedback piracy information, have the opportunity to get one months of the Thunderbolt member as a reward.

Figure 4

2. In the Thunderbolt Digital Mall's customer service forum to release feedback on pirated information posts, including the time to see the film, the city and the Thunder account.

Figure 5

3. Direct feedback of pirated information to the staff of the Thunder Digital Mall.

Figure 6

Digital Mall to the genuine content of the support, Thunderbolt's positive efforts, not only for the Chinese Internet to create a good copyright environment, but also the Internet's film and television distribution ability to push a new height. With the improvement of the network environment and the maturity of the market, we believe that in the near future, the Internet box office will become a useful supplement to the box office of China.

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