Survey shows: Natural query results are most respected by users

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More than 60% of Yahoo users and more than 72% of Google users click Natural search results to find the information they need, according to a recent survey by Iprospect, a US professional search engine services company. The so-called natural search result refers to the query result which is returned by the query keyword matching and not ad (paid) Nature after the user type the query condition.

The reason why natural query results are so popular with users is that users think their relevance is higher than the paid result. Aware of this, advertisers have instead used search engine advertising to advertise their sites for the purpose of ensuring that their sites appear in natural search results in Google and Yahoo rather than in paid results. Iprospect's CEO, Fredrick Marckini, added: "These findings make it very clear that there is a huge gap in the habits of both Google and Yahoo users who use natural search results and paid (AD) lists." Therefore, in doing site search engine promotion, if not very good grasp of the relationship between the two, such as ignoring the site optimization and failed to achieve a good ranking in the natural search results, or to pay the form lightly, will lose a considerable amount of target users, also means that the loss of a considerable part of the traffic. "Some of Iprospect's other search engine user attitudes also include: 60.5% of Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL users find the information they need in their natural search results." -72.3% of 60.8%,google search users in Yahoo search users believe that natural search results are most relevant. -71.2% of MSN users believe that MSN paid search advertising results are more relevant. -AOL users have a similar attitude to natural search results and paid search ads.

Why does MSN get such a high rate of paid ad links? Some observers think: MSN users may not be able to distinguish which are paid results, which is the natural search results, so that the rate of pay-site access to the high trend. But for whatever reason, paid-link advertising is still one of the necessary promotional forms for customers who need to promote their website on MSN.

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