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One, what is the weight of the site

People divide the measured, this is the society gives the crowd in the social status division. Similarly, the search engine also gives each website (including the webpage) to give certain authority degree value, this authority degree value is to the website (includes the webpage) an appraisal.

The weight of the website (including the webpage) is a function of time, it is estimated that the search engine will have a mathematical model similar to calculus, which belongs to the core secret of the search engine, and it is difficult for outsiders to know its actual algorithm. In general, the weight of the site (including the Web page) will be related to a few parameters:

Authoritative open catalogue is included or not, for example: DMOZ, Yahoo directory, etc.

Site or page core keywords in search engine rankings

How many links in the search engine database point to the site or Web page

The age of the domain name, exactly should be the domain name by the search engine first included

The nature of the domain name, many seoer agree: org and EDU domain name, search engine to give a high degree of trust

Other unknown factors

That is: the authority of the Open Directory of the station, the site's core keywords in search engines have a better ranking, a large quantity of high quality of the reverse chain point to the station, longer time station, the search engine will give a higher degree of authority.

In understanding the Web site (web) weight of the process, there is a very important keyword (Google Pr) worthy of attention. All along, many seoer that the PR represents the weight of the site. In fact, this is the wrong understanding of Google Pr. Google PR only with the site (page) of the reverse link, it only represents the site (page) The weight of an incomplete aspect. Can be sure that: the weight of the high Web site (web) Google PR value must be high, Google PR high value of the site (page) Its weight is not high!

Second, the construction idea of the reverse link

A website (webpage) from the day when the search engine was included, began to accumulate their own authority-weight. In addition to the construction of the content, the reverse link is one of the most important means to accumulate weights. Some people say, the content is king, the chain is holy, that is the truth.

In the process of building a reverse link, high-quality connection is from the highly authoritative web site connection, will give you the site (web) weight to improve the effect of the multiplier, but also can not be ignored is the wide range of connections, from the Internet a wide range of links more consolidated and enhance the site (web) weight. Like a person's evaluation, in the circle of your network, a leader (or authority) said hello, generally you are good, if a lot of people in the circle say hello, the leader said hello, then you must be good.

A new station in the process of accumulating weights, to pay attention to the reverse link is like a newcomer to a new unit, a copy of the work (content), do a wide range of connections (connectivity), win the leadership of Praise and Trust (high-quality chain), with the accumulation of time, your trust, The authority of the degree will be unconsciously accumulated.

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