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Use hot spots to improve the flow of the site we should be no stranger, we will often see some "use of hot events to create how many million traffic", "How to use hot events to do traffic" and so on such articles. Whether the webmaster, or the site operation of friends, want to improve the site's traffic and ranking, traffic up to get everyone and boss recognition.

First of all, want to use their own website to do hot event traffic, the premise is that the weight of the site is not bad. Weight is not ideal site, even if done, the effect is not ideal, or even ineffective. Because everyone will find that if their own site weight is not high, Baidu is not immediately seconds to accept your article, or even to the second genius included, then, has not occupied the opportunity. Also, large portal sites will report hot events, as long as the report will occupy the forefront of the rankings. If an event is reported by most large web portals, then there is no need to do so. The following is a recent hot event event "csdn password leakage" case to share the author is how to do. The following figure is the "csdn password leakage" after the occurrence of traffic map.

The "Csdn password leak" occurred on December 21, at that time from 360 micro-blog To see this news, has been broadcast over 1200 times, the author also dubious, so went to search Baidu, Baidu, at that time only Sohu and drive home 2 sites reported, so went to the KINGCMS forum sent a post , the intention is to remind you webmaster and programmers to keep their account.

Post issued, directly by the Baidu seconds, post the click rate has been increasing. Because at that time the list of Baidu has not yet this message, so the author in the post title to try to contain some netizens may search the keyword, "csdn" "6 million". The event spread quickly, the next day, the major portals have been reported, micro-blog has also been crazy biography.

The following figure is the day of the December 21 keyword statistics, from the figure, we can see. I casually hair a piece of water paste, unexpectedly brought through more than 500 keywords to more than 1000 traffic. The first example, rely on is keen observation, in the major portals have not been reported, has preempted the opportunity.

December 22, Baidu's list of real-time hot spot has appeared "CSDN 6 million" the word, but also ranked in the first position. Yesterday that post, in Baidu has fallen to dozens of, can bring the flow of dozens of IP can also be negligible. From this, the large portal site weight than we are higher, the content of the release than we are comprehensive, so it is natural to fall behind.


The author through Baidu and Baidu Drop-down box to learn that, at present, the most request is to download, so the use of the filename "csdn-Chinese IT community-6 million RAR" as the title posts. (as the post content front is three pictures, in the picture behind is the post content, the truncated picture is too big, therefore I only put the post title picture, needs to study the post content and the source code can go to search).


The use of hot events to do traffic, must have a certain number of keywords to the original research, you can through the dropdown box, Baidu know, some topics, to see what users are searching for, what needs. In the site weight is not bad, choose the right article title, you can directly bring traffic, of course, this should be based on Baidu and Google included in the case. Anyway, the current network competition so fierce, not only the content of the article to be readable, but also have the individual needs of the title. The title party is so born, believe that smart Webmaster Brothers will be corners. The emergence of hot events does not necessarily mean that they have a flow, rely on or experience.

The following figure is the December 22-December 23 keyword statistics. During this period I did not do any publicity and promotion, are posted after the post will be ignored. Since 23rd Baidu began to block the most of the key words of the event, so the next figure 90% are through Google traffic. From the use of search engine statistics, Google can bring the flow, if it is Baidu, whether it will be more twice times, 3 times times?

As of 25th, from the statistical tool, you can also see more than 100 IP from the "csdn-Chinese It community-6 million rar" This keyword, so the conclusion is: a hot event posts get a good ranking, do not do any maintenance, traffic will last a few days. Of course, if you register more than a few small, the post reply, discussion, hype and so on to guide the work, then will be attracted to the users in the discussion, the effect will be more on a class. How to turn a netizen into our users, our customers? How to change the site's bounce rate into conversion rate? These are the ultimate goals of using hot spots for traffic. Here the author's main content is how to use the hot event to bring the flow, conversion rate or rely on their own site based on the situation analysis, to try.

From the above 2 cases summed up:

1, do hot spots of the site whether there is a certain weight. Above already mentioned, the article collects, collects after is also a how rank, these are the website weight makes the premise.

2, to explore the portal site unreported events. We can go to the Baidu rankings, microblogging, mop and so on these places, to find the events we need, and then analysis of these events, whether the event is valuable, can bring traffic, whether the door to the report. Lead's release, the effect is often very ideal.

3, the Title keyword choice is very important, whether and Netizen's search matches, is not the user needs the title. These are the factors that need to be taken into account.

4, the quality of the article decided to rank. Article published, can be indexed by search engines, after the quality of the article will also occupy a certain factor in the rankings. Therefore, the careful planning an article, can let the flow leap up.

The above is a summary of the author's own. A piece of water will be able to bring more than 1000 IP per day, if the individual intentions of the webmaster, intentions to plan a hot event, reasonable title, rich content of the article, published after the guidance of the hype work, that the effect of more than this thousands of flow, or even tens of thousands of traffic. The author is just a comment, hoping to inspire everyone to give a better opinion. Through the hot events brought by the flow is not simply to see the simple IP, but to see whether the flow of hot events for their own site users, bring their own customers, these are the ultimate goal. SEO Master do optimization is conversion rate, user experience.

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