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A5 Forum has recently been unscrupulous businesses to shut down, stir the entire webmaster sector! In fact, close other sites if not their own station, we may only say two "pity". But shut the A5 forum is simply with the Chinese tens of thousands of webmaster Sorry! This is also, all the IT industry people began to complain, and began to call the Ministry of information Industry! Soon the problem will be solved!

Some days before the forum to find several procedures, the results found A5 was closed! Very angry, began some soft Wen complained. But it was not long before the problem was solved, I took a few lost and sentimental once again opened the A5 forum, began to Amoy programs and host, because recently to do a few sites, in fact, Amoy procedures and host is a great learning. So here's a description:

Host Purchase Experience:

In the A5 forum, there are many IDC business, the large number can be with the perennial bubble in the A5 forum of the vast number of webmaster comparable, because many people have to do IDC, of course, because of the competition in the IDC industry, and not to say those ordinary IDC, along with a great reputation of the IDC is also difficult. IDC market confusion is obvious to all, so in the purchase of the host must be eyes. Generally ask you to find out two questions before you buy:

1. Single-line mainframe and dual or multi-line mainframe

IDC business is commonly used in the deception is what dual-line, multi-line virtual host, here we have to figure out what is a multi-line dual-line mainframe. A single line means that only one connection is used. One of the telecommunication railcom or netcom. Multiple lines or two lines just select multiple line access. To allow different users to enjoy a higher speed of access. such as the server is the use of telecommunications lines. It is slower for the Internet users to access the network than for those who handle the Internet. But two or more lines. Its disadvantage is whether the telecommunications or Netcom or railcom users visit when there is no user access to their own service provider's single line speed.

2. Managed leased bandwidth exclusive and sharing problem

There are now two main forms of bandwidth provided by the custodian, one being exclusive, for example, enjoy 1 trillion, exclusive 10 trillion, exclusive hundred trillion, means that your server can enjoy this bandwidth, not with other servers to share, will not be disturbed by other servers, the price is more expensive; another form is the most common hundred trillion shares, As the name implies, is a cabinet has 100M bandwidth, for this cabinet all the server share (generally put more than 10 units, also have the heart ruthless put dozens of units), this form is now the most common, the lowest price, performance is also good, generally we look at each site's server hosting quotes are referring to this form. It should be emphasized that exclusivity and sharing are two completely different concepts, the price of which is not the same, even if the exclusive 1M price is more expensive than the share. First-time entrepreneurship is not well-off friends, or first choose to share as well, as long as the choice of service providers, its speed is also very good.

To figure out these problems I believe many people will not listen to the IDC business fooled it, of course, the so-called IIS concurrent number of unlimited, CPU peak Unlimited limit these can only cheat the pupil!

Program Purchase Experience:

Program business is also used to some of the tricks, the general novice is easy to be fooled, after all, now many program businesses are earning a yell, a lot of time, of course, they have a second career, that is some studio.

In fact, I have said before such a problem, the program has 3 major categories: first-time development, two development, garbage source and so on. It is recommended to purchase two development procedures, the price is generally between 30 to 200 yuan. Now tell you a few tips for buying:

1. The merchant installs the procedure to exist the trick to be really many!

The same program was developed two times with two hands, the first program business to sell 50 yuan A, the second program business to sell 20 yuan, but the difference between the two is the first package installation, the second does not pack, you choose which one, needless to say, generally a slight basis of the people will not hesitate to choose the second kind, Because the installation of a program is not difficult, and most of the cases are installed tutorials, and again, even if the novice can not install words 10 yuan to A5 forum post to ensure that there are a lot of people scrambling to help you install! What's more, some programmers even delete the installation tutorial and then force the installation fee! This practice is extremely undesirable!

2. Beginners will generally be inconsistent with the low price process!

If you are still a novice usually for some low-cost procedures to conflict, of course, this is supposed to, a penny a penny, in general, low prices are difficult to find a good program, but does not mean that there is no such a possibility, the previous paragraph I saw such a post from the forum /thread-1492765-1-1.html his QQ number is 1055537926. I'm surprised, too cheap, selling all the boutique source code, I carefully see this is not previously sold 6 boutique source code to 30 yuan that, this seller's credibility in the forum has been very high, he is not the first day to sell the program, has always been my favorite from his front to buy procedures, the heart of sureness!

In fact, the seller a set of procedures is also sold 30 yuan or even 50 yuan, and then gradually began to package for sale, began to be 3 sets of 30 yuan, and then 6 sets of 30 yuan, now unexpectedly 12 sets as long as 30 yuan, to know this seller before a random set of procedures are sold 20 to 50 Now he's holding a "boutique source packaging sale" So I said, "brother, add 20 yuan to me to join your boutique Program Pack Group Bar", the result he is very straightforward, said before you spent 60 yuan bought me two sets of procedures, how can I accept you money! You directly home our QQ group. Later I bought his source test again, too good, inside a lot of source code and others sell 50 is the same.

3. Use the intermediary must pay attention!

Use intermediary sometimes will be cheated, to see whether the real flying fish, salsa, black shrimp, some unscrupulous businesses will use false intermediary money. Of course, generally speaking, buyers should not take the initiative to pull the intermediary, because there is such a problem, some buyers first use intermediary, but after the money to the intermediary suddenly quit the discussion group, so that the seller does not know who did not pay the cost, it is likely to cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. So in general, the sellers are to pull the intermediary!

Well, said so much, I believe you will understand some, and I hope you A5 forum better. Finally, note that this article A5 first, reprint please specify the source!

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