Talking about the operation points of the optimization in the station of enterprise based on the self-optimizing technique

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With the development of E-commerce, corporate Web sites are springing up, but the author found that many enterprises in the current Web site before the online existence of some of the internal problems, according to the author's experience and observation, some enterprises stand on line, station optimization do very bad, Some enterprise website basic content update this piece has some problems, the author has been engaged in the Enterprise website optimization and operation of the work, to their own in the Enterprise station optimization in this regard and share the relevant experience.

First, keyword selection and layout strategy. An enterprise website before the line, the first to have an accurate site positioning, around this positioning to do the basic keyword choice, keyword selection can refer to peer site, you can also use some related tools, Baidu Index, Google Trend, There are a number of specialized webmaster analysis tools This can go to webmaster network to look at this aspect of the tool I think is very comprehensive. Choose good keyword after we will be around the key words for the title of the writing, keyword tag writing, as well as description of the label writing, here I give a general principle of writing, the title as concise as possible, appropriate to include 2-3 main keywords, and put the site slogan into it. Keyword tags should not be piling up a lot of keywords, to write words can write 1-3 main keyword can, this label weight has been lowered very low, write more but will cause cheating suspicion. Describe this punctuation mark together with the total number of words best not more than 80 Chinese characters. After doing well above we must consider the keyword how to carry on the effective layout in the website the author proposes, the column page takes the main key word as the column title, mainly carries on the main keyword layout and the optimization, the channel topic page may take the related long tail word and the auxiliary key words as the support to carry on the Finally our article page mainly carries on the long tail word optimization and the layout, lets the long tail word for us to bring more accurate conversion rate higher target customer.

Second, the Enterprise website procedure choice. Many corporate web sites are free open source programs, this can be considered easy to consider the CMS, the dream of the CMS and so on according to the webmaster's own understanding of the programming language and grasp the degree of choice of their own good at the site program, the program this note must choose to generate static web site procedures, Not only can improve access speed, but also easy to be crawled and indexed by search engines. Some industries or have considerable strength of the company can find relevant web site construction companies to build the site, one can be clearly based on their own needs and industry style design, and its security also relatively open source program has a relatively high security and stability, the later problems of maintenance is very convenient. Program this piece on these basic knowledge, according to the actual choice of their own business site procedures.

Third, web site connectivity structure and directory optimization. The structure of this directory mainly includes the layout of the inner-station connection, is mainly the construction of anchor text and related articles, anchor text layout can choose the anchor text corresponding to the content page or table of Contents page, the relevant article is best to use the method of call, will be all related to the content of this article listed out below the article, This can not only increase the user experience of the site, but also can effectively increase the number of PV Web site to enhance the site's users stay time, increase the site's internal weight, the directory of the physical path of the best short, named by the key words of the simple spell or pinyin is no problem.

Four, the content factor analysis of the website. Site content is the enterprise station is very lack of things, but also is the website optimization operation work The author thinks very important must persist the question for a long time, as an enterprise station's Operation dimension personnel, the website content is attracts the reader to enhance to our website The Trust degree and the spider to our website crawl and crawl frequency, The content of the site is also reflected in the number of our site is one of the indicators, so do a good job in the station content updates and optimization work is very important, so the author here to remind the vast number of optimization personnel to be a high-quality Web site content as a long-term focus to do to implement.

To sum up, the author will be in the daily optimization process of the site in combination with their own enterprise station operation and optimization experience and we share, the above is only the Enterprise site optimization of several basic points of attention, to long-term improve the site weight and optimize the effect of external factors is not to be overlooked. The author only to the most basic of these factors and everyone to discuss, a discussion, follow-up people have ideas or insights we can communicate. Well, today I will share with you to this side, I hope for everyone can help. SEO more strategies Welcome to join the SEO practical Exchange QQ Group: 54641201 discussion, this article by the Confidential inspection tool original starting ADMIN5 welcome everyone to reprint, please keep the site source, thank you for your cooperation.

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