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July 8 News, the Ministry of Culture recently issued on the reorganization of online games Marketing Management notice, will be severely crackdown on online marketing behavior. Tao in an interview, said the network spokesperson is not a bad person, but online games company behind the scenes.  CCTV commentators pointed to the game companies scrambling to seek vulgar spokesmen behind the scenes is to rob traffic, for more users. Known as "anti-internet addiction fighter" Professor Taohongkai to the current online game companies to seek the Internet Reds to do vulgar endorsement of the matter to give a strong critique, he said "vulgar endorsement is not in line with mainstream culture, will induce youngsters to vulgar culture and money worship."  Tao at the same time to the vulgar spokesperson put forward his own view, "they are not the big bad people themselves, in view of the online games as the current mainstream entertainment of teenagers, their impact on young people is also huge." CCTV commentator Yang Yu a deep analysis of the online search for vulgar endorsements, he said, the net swims the enterprise to carry on this kind of marketing does not mean the net swims the enterprise not to have the profit or the low profit, but from the current industry condition view, the net swims enterprise's average profit margin is above 50%, but in the net swims the first three enterprise to occupy the entire net game market 50%  The top 12 online games accounted for 90%, online gaming vendors to break through competitors, for traffic, the way to adopt a vulgar spokesperson. "Network game is a popular cultural platform, but some manufacturers use vulgar things to hype, finally vulgar into bad," CCTV commentator Yang Yu said, from the aesthetic to ugly, and then to the end of the beauty of ugliness, the United States and ugly upside down, the end is to confuse the user. (Edit Zhang Xing)
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