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In the process of SEO operation, there is a very good learning method that is to imitate, to go beyond. The reason why our site ranking than others, will be weaker than others, is not from another point of view that our site from all aspects of the comprehensive data is not comparable to others (at least the search engines think so). Here is a reference to two points, one is imitation, and then one is beyond. This is also a part of us to operate the Web site SEO mainstream ideas.

Imitation, in the SEO study of the so-called imitation is constantly to find competitors website SEO operation techniques, all aspects of data analysis, to a breakthrough. How to analyze a website's SEO technology has become a key issue. It is only through analysis that we are likely to go beyond.

Three specific wording of the label. We do not underestimate this three tags, and this is also a problem that we often talk about, here suggest that the site title as far as possible not more than three target keywords.

Site keyword density. When it comes to the question of keyword density, some friends may say, I see some of the sites on the Site keyword superposition is very serious how can there be such a good ranking? Just like the previous "X-ray machine" I believe we all know. I would like to say to everyone here: you can still find the X-ray machine This station ranking it? It is recommended that the density of the site keyword to do a reasonable increase should be, but also conducive to ranking.

Website URL standardization. For everyone, I believe that we all know, but the specific operation of how many people have done a comprehensive? Generally speaking on the website is the link on the homepage navigation/index.asp/index.html appears this kind of situation is very many. Why standardize? In fact, for our weight is not dispersed. Www.xxxx.com and www.xxxx.com/index.asp This is two completely different paths.

The update mechanism of the website. For this, in fact, can be a good solution for some sites, three-month home page did not update, did not make a fuss. How can snapshots remain. This is the master SEO powerful place. SEO not only hair outside the chain, do content update. We should think more, how to let users help us make a fuss, do content.

SEO Realm to tap the power of users. For this, the best thing to do in China is Baidu's question and answer. All the data inside is created by the user. Avatar to our own website, comments on the forum or product comments These are users for us to create content, of course, have the ability to get a quiz or something.

As to look at the SEO level of a site, this kind of thing is actually to spend certain experience to analyze and track each other's data, of course, the best is that you ask you to know friends, also help you analyze the level of the opponent's site and operation highlights. This will improve your SEO level faster. This is also a very good learning method.

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