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With the development of the Internet now, search engine optimization is more and more people's attention, whether small companies, large enterprises or personal entertainment sites will go through the Search engine optimization technology to get rankings, traffic, human sources. So, when the site online or already have site webmaster want their site can do these, but many novice webmaster are very disappointed, they will not analyze the site's optimization plan, the development of the site and future prospects, causing their own site in line with the competitor site behind. However, many companies are spending money to find optimization company to do site optimization program, then, today I teach you to do a simple optimization of their site analysis program, which is also the author of their own experience to write out, can not say to help SEO master, but can be said to help novice webmaster.

Write a website optimization analysis program in many novice webmaster may be very difficult, but we novice webmaster to understand why to analyze the site, analyze the role of the site and what, analysis of the site to start from which direction, and so on, only to understand these ideas to analyze the site's optimization plan will be smooth. www.***.cc So, why do I say this is simple to teach you to do optimization analysis program? Because from the Novice's point of view, we can not be compared with the master, but we could write to their website a little more powerful and harmless to the site of the optimization analysis program. Gossip does not say much, the following author introduces a few need to master the focus.

In this author of the optimization of the site program several directions to write, first is the summary of the site, and then the site analysis, followed by the user experience analysis, and finally the construction of the chain of analysis. These points are the author think the most important, but also the author often selected four points. Do not dare to say that other people's website analysis direction is such, but I dare to say to their own site to do the effect is very good.

One: From the summary of the site to do analysis

1th: The correlation of domain name must look, whether the domain name contains keywords, like the author's website is QQ resource network, and domain name is www.***.cc. The domain name contains the QQ resource keyword.

2nd: Whether the domain name is easy to remember, a company's domain name or the domain name of the personal site is the most important domain name is good not to remember, if your domain name is very simple and easy to remember, then next time will visit. Just like www.***.cc QQ resources are good to remember.

3rd: The age of the domain name, if your site is a new station can be skipped, if your site for a long time, then, the age of the site is very important, we all know that the site's age is very long, weight and the higher the PR. These are also very important.

4th: Whether the record, the website record must do well, just like the person must have the ID card.

5th: The speed of the server's impact on the site is the most important, webmasters in the choice of Web site space when not to choose a virtual host, the best choice of stand-alone server, because, on the Web site on the virtual host, a K all will be K. Independent server is only used, will not cause the above phenomenon. So this is very important.

6th: The location and configuration of the server, if your site is enterprise type, can be in Xuzhou Telecom rental server, but do not buy foreign or other host on the virtual host, in order to just in case. In the configuration also need to pay attention to, if your site is a PHP program, you can choose a Linux server and configure lamp or LNMP. If your ASP can take the window server, configure IIS.

Second: From the site to do analysis

1th: First file name. At this point to see whether the default document site is the first page, whether there is a jump, the first anchor text of the connection address is unique.

2nd: Target keywords. Each site has several main keywords, in doing to control its number and accuracy. The best thing to do is to analyze the degree of competition.

3rd: Long Tail keywords. The most important thing for a website that is not in the same industry is to control the overall situation by the long tail key word. So in the analysis of the time long tail keyword is essential. Because, long tail keyword is to bring traffic to the website and customer.

4th: Website structure. Many novice webmaster in the analysis of the site will be the first time to think about the structure of the site, in fact, this is a correct choice of direction, we do in the analysis to see whether the site is a tree structure, between the columns and the page connectivity is complete, the image of the Alt attribute to be checked.

5th: Links. Again recruit links when you want to find targeted and high weight to do links, if others do not want to do with you can pay to buy a connection.

6th: Sitemap. A map of a website represents the core of the site. Not only spiders like, users look at the overall structure of the site is also very important.

Third: Analyze from user experience

1th: A positioning of the customer community. This is not to say that we also know that in the Baidu traffic analysis can see some of the customer's gender positioning, age positioning, regional positioning, etc., so seize this point on their own site benefits are still very much.

2nd: The whole site a color. Have to say, some people visit the site when the most quick to see is the other side of the site's color, if your site color is a variety of colors, then I dare to say your site is out of the way. So the color must be done well.

3rd: The overall layout of the site. First of all to analyze your site is consistent with the user first principle, whether to get the mother's love and Spider's favor, the layout of the master is clear and reasonable.

4th: page Content layout. A popular website has a good page content and site layout, so your site layout is reasonable?

5th: Customer service attitude. Have to say that some corporate websites and commercial sites have customer service, some people also deliberately to click Customer inquiries, if the customer service attitude is very good, may be able to retain people's hearts. If not, you're screwed.

Four: From the perspective of the construction of the chain

1th: The outside chain construction situation. Now many novice stationmaster is to outside chain, regardless of consequence, as long as the number of outside chain is better. But have you taken into account that only the number is increased and what else is useful? For example, I am now in charge of burdock tea food, in the chain when all find pertinence and relevance of the external chain platform release chain. such as classified information platform, business-to-business platform, Food forum and so on. Look at the current A5 is really outside the chain flying, and snow. The author warns you, do not make rubbish to the Internet and A5 website.

2nd: Links. Friendship link above also said, is a very good outside the chain way. Not only can improve the amount of access to others, but also to improve the weight of their own web site. A keyword can attract users, how good ah, hehe. Friend chain needs attention, the industry should be targeted, relevance. Weight is higher than yourself.

The above four points is the author in this half year experience summary, dare not say to master useful, but I dare say to novice stationmaster useful. Writing an optimized analysis program for your website not only saves money but also saves a lot of time. In this time of saving, the optimization program can make your website best. I believe you novice webmaster in the Internet is a flower tomorrow.

This article for the original manuscript, this article by Huang Original, starting A5, reproduced please specify the source! Thank you for the article by Huang Personal blog http://ihuangzhong.com  collation release.

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