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A few days ago, young actors, fashion tender mold sun honey, in the micro-blog on the island on the super sexy bikini photo, in addition to the sun Good Beach beach swimsuit show, sun Honey also play wet body temptation, so many fans greatly sprayed blood. [Page] just finished the film "Men Have Love" propaganda, sun Honey with the Korean director of the opportunity to cooperate, ready to open up the Korean market. A few days ago to shoot a brand new mobile phone ads, Sun Honey decided to do a short stay in Korea. In addition to future cooperation talks, Sun Honey Agent also intends to let its Korean artists training courses for short-term learning experience. [Page] According to the broker, because a lot of Korean learning artists can not accept some super rigorous training, sun honey and other Chinese entertainers are mainly to observe and learn. Even so, sun honey on Weibo or said, in Korea to learn a lot of previously untouched courses, their artists training is not only strict, and even some harsh, really can be regarded as hell-type training, compared to the domestic artists to relax too much. [Page] 51 holiday, although still in the study period, but the broker or give Sun Honey put a small leave, let it have the opportunity to visit Jeju Island, incidentally complete new photo shooting work. Sun Honey in the micro-blog out of some bikini photo shoot trailer, lively naughty she is like a sexy elf, swimming pool in the seaside to play wet body temptation, a few sets of swimsuit photo shoot down, sun Honey is still radiant, interest, completely will work and vacation together, optimistic and cheerful personality make everyone envy unceasingly.
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