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I also write about the understanding of this problem in fact, there are a lot of people to communicate this problem I write according to their own understanding, the first time I hope that we can put forward more valuable advice! From 93 when the Internet entered China (some people say 94 is the first year), No one in the internet world has ever thought that China's internet is going to grow faster, we are now living, learning, entertainment, corporate propaganda has become increasingly inseparable from the internet, and our enterprises also understand that in such a large environment, if not through the network to carry out marketing, their own enterprises will become the era of dinosaurs, Be eliminated by the intense business environment. It is in such a period and all aspects of the increase in demand for network marketing to promote the industry so that more people find their own positioning and employment direction. Therefore grasps the network marketing promotion skill to the enterprise website Management person or the third party service personnel as well as the amateur is very important.

What knowledge should be mastered in the website promotion profession, but I personally experience that we do network marketing is not just some knowledge of the Internet, but also need to have a lot of life, work and mentality of knowledge, only to do a comprehensive comprehensive people can become a more successful and professional people, said so next I also said the experience of it.

I. Internet knowledge

1. You will use the Internet and operate. For example, you can simply use search engines and use forums or publish information online. And preferably have a certain degree of proficiency. If you don't even have the tools to find information and find ways to use it, would you say it's scary? For example: Learn to go to the forum posts, set up their own blog and so on.

2. Understand some basic knowledge, such as the use of Html,css,dreamweaver,photoshop and some office operation software used in the website production. These things need not be mastered very advanced some are basic use will be on the line, as well as HTML code you can read the knowledge of where the need to be. Of course, it would be better if you were an editor. Will not have any worry, Ma Yun will not be able to program as well as Alibaba, it is important that you have no ideas.

Ii. Knowledge of writing

Writing ability is also very important this is a lot of promotional personnel must have a capacity, the need for continuous practice and learning, from learning to write the outline to start to cultivate their own experience to express, and to let others to share your things this more important, by writing articles not only can enhance the ability of late writing soft text, At the same time you can also learn to summarize and work more organized.

Third, personhood, work and mentality

Some people may say that as long as can do the promotion to optimize ranked good on the line, and what is the relationship between people, and so we in-depth research and learning network to promote the understanding of life is very important, in the promotion to learn to share with others to share, to make friends to develop a wide range of networking is very Do network promotion needs a strong executive power and patience, at the same time in the development will encounter a lot of difficulties, we have to put the attitude is not because of the ranking of some changes and flow reduction will complain about others, first from their own body and the site to find problems.

Iv. good at learning and summarizing and analyzing

Knowledge is constantly updated, especially the development of the Internet industry is fast, to learn more about the latest developments in the Internet and other good experience methods, and in their work and learning to learn to summarize and analyze their own done correctly or not, there are problems to find solutions to problems in time, Only in this way can become a good network promotion staff to prepare fully.

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