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Website promotion currently can be divided into online promotion and offline promotion, then the online promotion of the main forum to promote, blog promotion, classified information promotion, question and answer promotion, SNS promotion, auction promotion, such as the main promotion methods, offline promotion can be divided into activities, promotion, party promotion, promotional leaflets, business card promotion and other promotion methods. Then there are so many promotional methods online, they have what good and bad place. Today I mainly give you a general explanation of the difference.

Online promotion


The advantage of online promotion is free to promote, in addition to price promotion to pay, the other is free, this is the main advantage of online promotion, for us these funds are not very sufficient small webmaster, online promotion is the best way to promote, because it is free, do not worry about the financial resources will not support. Then online promotion has become a large number of small webmaster to understand the choice of promotion. Online promotion is generally commonly used is the Forum promotion and blog promotion, for most stationmaster, these two kinds of promotion method is used most, because the early left webmaster Circle of traditional thinking, make these two promotion methods after decades or as enduring. Online promotion is mainly focused on the promotion of personal websites, such as the article station, picture station, novel station, such as a series of personal websites, of course, there are many enterprises station also recognized the benefits of the network, began to slowly turn to the network development, so that online promotion can let the small and medium-sized enterprises to save a lot of promotional funds, Online free Promotion method has undoubtedly been a lot of webmaster recognition, so, when your financial strength is not strong enough, suggest you or select online promotion bar.


Because many people are aware of online free promotion, so the competition is very fierce, which led to a lot of webmaster in the promotion process is quite arduous, some bad luck, did not achieve their expected results for several months. So the online promotion is a lot of stationmaster's battleground, but inverted on-line promotion process webmaster is countless, I was one of the losers, in recent days just think of a good way to save. Therefore, online promotion more and more innovation, there is no innovative methods of promotion, the chances of success will be small.

Offline promotion


Offline promotion is mainly used for local stations, local forums, a city of classified information 8207.html "> Navigation website Promotion, for general articles such as the Web site to promote the significance of the offline, because this kind of site does not have to choose offline promotion, if you are doing local website forum, Then offline promotion is your preferred method of promotion, because local sites are targeted users, as long as the local users know and like on the line, not to take into account the national users, so, offline promotion is very suitable for some targeted user groups of the website promotion, and offline promotion can also allow users to better experience the fun of the site, when a member of the day when the birthday by giving or gathering friends together, you can more widely promote the website forum. Offline promotion is different from online promotion, like a friend of the webmaster Circle almost every month there are some local parties, such as this month, such as a city webmaster gathering, the purpose of these initiators is to promote themselves through the offline to obtain a wider network of people.


Spending money is an offline promotion of a major disadvantage, because whether it is activities, parties, leaflets have to spend money, activities is the cost of activities, if your website forum has a profit, then you can use the profit part as an activity fee, if not, then will own pocket, The underfunded stationmaster can only helplessly watch the competitor's growth and helpless, because other people's financial resources there, you can challenge, but the premise is that you have to have more than his financial resources to support, many local forums to fight is the financial problem, who has the financial strength, who will laugh to the end of the big winners, The reality is like this, there is no way. Therefore, this is a major disadvantage of offline promotion, and we cannot achieve equality for all.

Cable on the line on the good, there are no good, offline under the cable, there are bad. Choose which to promote the main way to see what you do is the type of Web site, the pay should be readily paid, do not dawdle, the opportunity to wait for people ah, if the opponents grow, want to pull down he is very difficult. Therefore, the ability to play by ear is a survival skill that stationmaster must have. This article by the Http:// Weight loss drug list exclusive experience feeds, reprint please leave the link, thanks!

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