The age of national optimization-who can become a master?

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Believe that see this article Reader friends, most have a same name: Webmaster, some people also reluctantly called "Network migrant workers." Our Chinese webmaster are more and more, for our Internet career has contributed to the development of an indelible force. Whether it is their own station, or for customers, for the company to manage the operation of the website, webmaster Most of the wish, is to want to their site more traffic, after all, traffic is a measure of our work results of one of the important standards.

In the article "from the beginning of the site to the implementation of the specific steps of network marketing," Doseo also said in the Web site optimization after some of the regular steps, in addition, whether there are other secret weapons? Web site optimization tutorials, no matter how many, So why some Daniel can put their own stand high in the front, and our own stand far behind, and even experienced by the search engine punishment nightmare? In everyone is optimizing, such an era of universal optimization, how to become a successful seoer?

The winners of every industry have some quality of coexistence. For example, the spirit of perseverance, such as the implementation of the absolute, such as a point on the analogy talent, but without exception, first and foremost, they all love their careers. In order to their own career, can sacrifice a lot, when others rest, they are learning work, while others play, they are learning work, while others work, they are still learning work. People have potential, when you believe you will succeed, you will have enough time and energy to invest in your career. As a webmaster, do seoer is no exception, we need to do is not simply to follow the success of others to imitate, can not just complete the fixed work every day that can be finished. Do it with your heart, plan it with your heart, and summarize your work. We are small webmaster, there is no strong resources to support, we only have their own youth, the only have a desire to succeed in the heart. To be good at thinking, others say how the keywords should be how to layout to the whole station, others say the page title should how, should think about why is this? Every day in addition to the completion of the task, think more, if you are a search engine, how do you think of this site?

In fact, website optimization is not words so simple, but a complex, competitive engineering, can not only stay in some surface, not credulous SEO does not have any technical content, if really this is the three strokes of the simple two-style, it is really hard to underestimate the search engine. How to stand out in front of others? Need effective arrangements for their own time, do not stare at Baidu's spiders every day, do not change their site every day to replace the placement of keywords, more research on the principle of search engine and ranking mechanism, more research on their own keywords upstream and downstream relationship dynamics and development, Look at what your site visitors really need and what attracts them. Only when you pay differently to others can you get a different harvest.

Doseo ( thinks he is not a successful website optimization master, but I am confident that I will do better. In a few years ago did not realize that their unintentional lift from the search engine to attract a lot of traffic is how important, probably 05 time, did not deliberately to optimize which words, site optimization is far from so popular. Now I like everyone, want to be in the website optimization This aspect also becomes an expert, every day at least update a not less than thousand words of original to share for everyone to reprint, every day more to think in the relevant discussion of different people raised questions, more to participate in the answer. Even now in the simulation of search engine collection, calculation and the principle of processing rankings. A change of perspective to consider the problem, there will be unexpected gains.

Seo Road is still very long, we can find the tutorial can only be regarded as the tip of the iceberg, about Chinese word, the weight of the site calculation and other issues, I will continue to share with you, I hope you have the heart, can soon step into the ranks of the Masters!

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