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Still in the domestic theater can not see the "God Steal Milk Dad 2", "Sea flat King 2", "War of Doom" and sigh? Don't worry, these 2013 most popular Hollywood blockbusters will be on the video screen! Recently, the music network for fans meticulously created a gorgeous audio-visual feast-following August 1, 120 Hollywood global classic blockbuster Landing Music network, "God Stole Milk Dad 2", "Sea flat King 2", "War of Doom" and so on will soon be online! A series of wonderful passion Hey, a summer. If you are the death of a movie, you are blessed. Le video network for you to send to Hollywood global value Package "series" wonderful film, passion, hey burst a summer! "Speed and Passion" series, Super Spy "Spy Shadow Heavy" series, are likely to "back to the Future" series, relive the classic "Jurassic Park" series, alternative thriller "Mummy" series, Youth Sex "American Pie" series, so that you from beginning to end, a look at all! Types of films and colorful taste of life big different comedies, police bandits film, action movies, cartoons, Hollywood global gluttonous Feast for you to bring a variety of types of films, emotions, emotions intertwined, taste different life! "Comedy Super Big" in naïve Mr Bean, "bridesmaid", "40-Year-old Virgin", "The Geek" and other "hilarious comedy", "Hellboy 2", "Hulk" and other "superhero", "the ultimate Target", "the Future of the Water World" and other "wonderful action film", in addition to "evil", "Thriller Heartbeat", " Childlike childlike "and other types of films. An Oscar-winning film will give Hollywood stars a passion for the classic old films of the years Love Oscar award-winning movie? Click to enter the "Academy Awards" section, to enjoy the "Schindler's List", "Gladiator", "Shakespeare's Love History" and other timeless classic films. There are also suave Oscar winners: Tom Hanks "Forrest Gump", Pacino "smell of Women", Mige Fox "Soul King", Penn "21 Grams", Spacey "K-Star" and so on. There are also fenghuajuedai Oscar-winning actress contests: Winslet "Gale Life", Roberts "Notting Hill", Nicole Kidman "Earth Ambition", Naomi "King Kong", Angelina Jolie "wanted" and so on. There are also Oscar nomination film "Shameless Bastards", "Ghost Mother", "Atonement" and so on, more Hollywood global blockbuster, but also please visit the video network personally feel it! Founded in 1912, The Hollywood World, in the Hollywood eight well-known film companies ranked second, after more than a century of accumulation, Hollywood fans have brought countless popular classic blockbuster. And as China's first long video web site, with 90,000 episodes genuine TV dramas and more than 5,000 films, the achievement of the video industry's most complete authentic film library. Hollywood global and the powerful combination of the network, will undoubtedly let Chinese fans surprise! Le video network revealed that, following the deep cooperation with Hollywood, the future will also be with the pieHollywood giants such as Mongolia and Sony are offering the most wonderful content to users!
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