The countryside will become the main battlefield of color TV

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Events: A few days ago, there are analysis and forecast that 2010 annual LCD TV market volume will reach 33 million units, of which the third quarter 8.3 million units, the fourth quarter is 9 million units. Analysis that the rural market and the old for the new will become the second half of the LCD market, the main source of growth. The second half of the rural market is the traditional peak season, but also the main period of rural market demand.  With the gradual sinking of LCD TV products, the substitution of LCD to CRT is still in the period of rapid development in the face of the huge rural market in China.  Make rural consumer group to product choice face continue to expand, for machine enterprise in rural market product operation space also gradually expands. Comments: If home appliances to the countryside to stimulate the sales of color TV in rural areas, then the old home appliances to replace the new will stimulate the urban consumer market sales. Recently, with the old trade policy coverage in the original 9 provinces and cities on the basis of the addition of 19 provinces and cities, by this positive impact, including color TV 5 categories of household appliances will have more optimistic expectations.
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