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The company recently decided to do an SEO propaganda station to introduce the company's own business, but also want to use the power of Baidu to attract some customers, so we chose some key words. From the choice of words to site planning and site construction of every step we are very careful, we do every thing is to our website to list the spider's crawling habits. Every page of the site uses Div layout, the site's structure is also good, the Web site using pseudo static way more suitable for spiders crawl, the content of the site to maintain false original or original. Although doing so much work, since think each work is very in place, but the effect is really hit people, "> site included in the page has been not very ideal, The first snapshot of the site is also more than 10 days, really sad ah, do so many sites can also, but do their own site, unexpectedly is the result, hey! The results are not ideal, these are personal collation of some information to share some. Little head bidding assistant to give you a detailed explanation today.   for a bid advertising project, to want to get the effect is not only limited to find the site keyword, near to landing page design, far to the Enterprise line brand construction is not neglected of their own factors.   When a consumer sees a bidding advertisement and has a strong interest in its product then, ordinary come to it will not horse to the next purchase, but in understanding the product online Word-of-mouth how. And the enterprise's online word-of-mouth and directly with the enterprise's own quality of production and after-sales service hook. In this respect, when the enterprises complain of their own bid advertising conversion rate is low, the effect is poor, but also need to consider the quality of their products and after-sales service can keep up. Naïve reliance on competitive advertising is not a big road, only the online brand more and more kung fu is the way forward.   itself end three: The company's own products and after-sales service is perfect   (4) landing page How quickly get the trust of visitors also related to the level of conversion rate. Apart from the above I mentioned the design concise, the topic clear, a little detail such as business address, website record information, Enterprise 400 telephone and so on can be a good catch visitors to the site's trust.   (3) Our landing page can be configured with our online chat button to increase the conversion rate.   (2) landing page Design We should follow the design of concise, clear point of principle, Knot page is a wide open is a lot of chat advertising window, often allow visitors to actively accept information than passive more useful fruit.   (1) Our landing page is not necessarily to our homepage, or home page without related bidding site keyword content will let visitors directly close our site. We design a related landing page to match the relevant content,It will be more popular with visitors.   is the so-called master led the door practice in private, when the search to help us guide the flow of traffic into our site, how to retain visitors and let these visitors become our customers will need to test our bid landing page. The design of this landing page is also closed tightly. According to the author of many enterprises in the design of landing page in the layout of the 杂沓, the credibility of inferior issues, the following author gives a few landing page design when we need to notice the details.   Self End One: Bad and no technology landing page design   for the enterprise is of course the most concerned about the investment in the bidding, and the auction advertising techniques will directly affect the high and low investment funds, as well as ROI. Some enterprises will think that as long as I put the most money, so that I get the first place so that can get the benefit of nothing. In fact, the first position not only need to invest more money, but also directly facing peer competitors click, but also may be due to the searcher's wrong click and live the necessary waste. To this I think, we are not the same site keyword to do have the skill of the ranking "concession", is not the first is the best, sometimes second or third can be better return on investment.   is also very helpful in bidding advertising, often misses striking. So the enterprise is surprisingly visible. First of all, we need to focus on the site keyword matching problem, because it is related to whether we can get the customer flow we want, so it is self-evident. The choice of keywords in the site we should not only correct, on the nail, but also we need a little innovation, proving netizens have for those 10% unchanged advertising initiation of "resistance", or your bid advertising slogan can not attract the attention of the target users, then the effect will be greatly discounted.   Its own end: Do you have the skills to put the implementation of the   for each capital enterprise, I want to take care of the goal is nothing more than the smallest investment to get the maximum benefit. For each enterprise in making an investment, it will make an estimate of the return on investment and return. This is especially true for online marketing. A well-known online marketing strategy in the auction is one of the most money-burning strategy, the need for enterprises to continue to invest money, but many companies in the bidding ads invest a lot of money but found that the effect is not satisfactory. In fact, the reason for the success of the auction advertising is often from the enterprise itself for a little detail on the neglect. The author of the bottom of my own experience to talk in the enterprise to do bidding ads to promote the effect of the three end.   Enterprise Bidding marketing effect why bad   do SEO is a long-term solution, can not only think of now, we must take into account the future of the site, the steady rise is the plan. These points are done every day, add fresh blood to your site, and soon after you finishThe whole ranking will certainly go up.
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