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For Foreign Trade Enterprise website, what is the most important thing, the rate of click or conversion? To be sure, the Foreign Trade Enterprise website is different from the general traffic support of the portal site or news site, more need is the rate of conversion into effective customer ratio. But some foreign trade enterprise website clicks Higher, but the conversion rate is extremely low, is not no trace can seek, any result is to have the reason. Below, the global e-commerce experts China Connaught Network will be based on rich foreign trade experience, for foreign trade companies to enumerate the impact of the conversion rate of the eight factors, with a view to foreign trade enterprises can get higher conversion rate, so that the site can better serve the enterprise.

I. Website marketing Copy

First of all, in the Foreign Trade Enterprise website construction Beginning, must give own website clear localization. From the layout of the website, the content of the page of the website, the Foreign Trade Enterprise website has the clear product or the service value description, has the clear website biggest unique selling point is very important. It is best not to let the visitors spend time to speculate, also can not ambiguous, should be the enterprise's culture, products, prices, and so directly to say, the most important thing is to have a clear way of contact to facilitate customer inquiries, after all, there are many customers or habits through one-on-one communication to further understand.

The visitor arrives the page to be accurate

Foreign trade enterprises in the Web site promotion, usually choose to buy the form of keywords. Foreign trade enterprises need to pay attention to, in search engines to do keyword ads to be accurate, so that visitors to reach the page and keyword highly relevant, common mistake is to all the arrival page set as the homepage.

Third, professional image design

Some foreign trade enterprise website design is not professional, to customers poor impression, resulting in great loss of corporate image. According to the global E-commerce experts China Connaught Network observation: Site visitors will often think that the quality of products or services as its website visual image generally, which is equivalent to the foreign trade enterprises of the website design raised a very high demand, professional image design foil is a professional corporate culture, formal enterprise products.

Four, the website design conforms to the buyer custom

On this point, the global E-commerce experts China Connaught Network has been talked about many times, simply said, is the buyer on the site to buy products or services, what is the custom, follow what route, how to choose and judge, the site usability requirements, which are foreign trade enterprises must consider the issue.

V. Website error FREE

This is the most basic requirements, links, grammar, text No big mistakes, the site to do as perfect as possible. The more site errors, the less visitors feel, they will think that the site operators rough heart, their products or services are often problematic. If even the basic mistakes will be committed to the enterprise, how to talk about professionalism? Imagine what the customer would be thinking.

Vi. Visitor's short line of action

In general, the shorter the path of a potential buyer to an important page, such as an order, from entering the site. Because each more step, one more click, the conversion rate will decay.

Vii. customers have a good experience

Foreign trade enterprises should pay attention to: Customers visit your site is how to feel, what kind of experience? Ask the customer! Big to Super Portal, small to personal site, who are the same, to meet the needs of visitors, improve the user experience is our every E-commerce operator's pursuit.

Viii. Foreign Trade Enterprise website Access speed

Network visitors have very limited patience, and the server on which your site is responding is very important. And because of China's severe export bandwidth, resulting in the domestic server on the Web site to open difficulties abroad, if the site is carefully built can not be presented in front of customers, then the efforts were in vain. In the face of China's lack of export bandwidth, companies should place English sites in the overseas space, so as to ensure that overseas customers quickly visit the corporate web site. But how to choose a service provider? Global E-commerce expert China Connaught Net think for the enterprise, pick a good host can let you concentrate on your website, others do not have to worry at all.

These are the global E-commerce experts in China Connaught Network for the English site to provide a reference, I hope that everyone can establish the most suitable English site. In order to solve the problem of global promotion of domestic enterprises, 2007 China Connaught Net investment 1.8 million U.S. dollars and the world's first-ranked Dallas computer room joint venture to build the United States room, the engine room area of about 1200 square meters, can accommodate about 10000 machines. It can be said that the U.S. room in the United States inherited the Dallas engine room quality management and advanced computer room management system, for Asian customers (especially in mainland China) to develop and provide the best U.S. server program. At present, China Connaught Net customers include China million nets, new nets, 263 and so on.

has established a strong network operation management system and has a mature software development capabilities of China Connaught Network for more than 20,000 enterprises to provide fast, stable, secure Web sites and mailbox hosting services. China Connaught Net distributes in Beijing, the huge servers in 10 cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Texas (USA), Houston, CA, Los Angeles (USA), San Francisco (USA), Washington, D.C. (USA), Seattle, Washington, USA, have become Small enterprises to build a global e-commerce system, knocking open the door of the new economy engine.

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