The fiance writes the book to expose Selina Hell 90 days to praise its inner beauty

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Selina head tied butterfly knot take a wheelchair to visit the flower Bo, cheek, Chin still some fire kiss Scar (1/4) Selina fiance Zhang Chengzhong 27th out of the new book "God chose you: the whole girl Selina Hell 90 Days", is Selina in Shanghai filming Burns to discharge 90 days diary , focusing on her experience of the 4 stages: Shanghai shock, return to Taiwan for medical treatment, life is dying, out of danger. A medium admits: "I from a movie can't shed tears of person, become a person with eye socket can be red everywhere." "According to Taiwan's" China Times "news, Selina last October 22 was burned by fire, a Chinese from Taiwan to Shanghai, 24th only to see the fiancee, the first time because she seriously recognized, Selina back to Taiwan the first week after the injury is not so serious, I believe it will soon be good, another disaster but from the second week began, On the 35th day after the injury, she was out of danger and burned out after the skin was finished. After the morphine receded consciousness gradually clear, then is the daily psychological breakdown and the long rehabilitation Road, the 64th day to the 90th day, she can finally stand up, forced herself to accept the new appearance, a look distressed: "I also quickly need psychological rehabilitation." "A book to Selina, and said:" You suffer. God is a special choice for you, everyone knows you, know you timid, beauty, love to cry. God let you be scared to show you brave, let you show the inner beauty can transcend external defects. [Page] Selina, Hebe Joy Stroll Huabo (2/4) [page] Selina chin, eyebrows not long, hands still wearing pressure (3/4) [page] Selina "Promotion" for the company president (4/4)
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