The first aerobatic team "Red Bull stunt team" was established

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November 13 9:00 in Zhuhai International Air Show Conference Center room No. 232, held a "Fairmont Aviation Red Bull (China) Flying Performance Team" in good faith press conference, the scene of the first aircraft with a seaplane license Fairmont Aviation Master Wei, performing arts industry's first to have a flying license female singer Weiga , the director of the Flight Performance Team Preparatory Committee Mr. Wei and dozens of news media attended the release of the event, the scene of Mr. Cao Wei announced: By the Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd. United Fairmont Aviation, Beijing Fairmont Star General Aviation Co., Ltd., jointly established the first folk stunt flying team · Red Bull (China) stunt flying Performance Team, officially established! It is understood that the "Red Bull (China) stunt flying Performance Team" is the first private stunt flying team in China, is also the domestic first set up the "Red Bull (China) stunt flying Performance Team", at the same time, "Red Bull (China) Helicopter skills Performance Team" and "Red Bull (China) Women's flying Performance Team" also announced the formal establishment of the same period, The flight training headquarters base is located at Beijing Miyun Airport. Red Bull (China) These three flying performance teams will fly with the arts, let the skills and performance, the skills and watch the perfect combination of human machine unity, volley wings, a show majestic. Hope to the place, to bring unforgettable memories to the audience, bring good enjoyment. This is the blue sky Passion is energy, will dedicate to people perfect "blue sky Sky Colorful", is the breathtaking and beautiful aerial stunt performing arts "Red Bull (China) aerobatic team", "Red Bull (China) Helicopter skills Performance Team" and "Red Bull (China) Women's flying Performance Team" has been Fairmont Aviation support. At present, Fairmont Air offers Bell429, BELL407GX, Bell206, Robinson R44, Rothwil, Compriss and other models of performance models. Fairmont Aviation Master and Fairmont Star Deputy general manager Mr. Cao Wei will be the "Red Bull Flying Performance Team" captain and the chief Stunt Flying Division. According to Mr. Cao Wei, future Red Bull (China) These three flying performance teams will be integrated into sports aircraft such as fixed-wing stunt machines, hot air balloons and other diversified, more flowering of the flying performance, while the Red Bull (China), the three flying performance teams will participate in August 2013 by the Beijing Air Sports Association, Beijing Miyun County People's government and Fairmont Aviation in Miyun Airport jointly organized the "2013 Fairmont Aviation Flying Carnival" activities, will certainly for the domestic audience to bring the perfect aerial stunt performance gluttonous feast. It is reported that the Red Bull and Fairmont Aviation Sina Weibo (@ Red Bull, @ Fairmont Aviation) will always release Red Bull (China) The performance of the three flying performances video information, so that the vast number of netizens at home to see quickly!
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