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Baidu casually on the internet, the promotion of the article there are tens of thousands, the rookie webmaster is confused, the specific step from which to start it, today just have time to talk about a few words here, the wrong place please master guidance.

Since the promotion of the site, first of all you have to do a good site, I put up a website It is not advertising, but my own experience. Do a good job of the website, Baidu did not find, a start confused, how would not it, in the address bar on the site, this is not right here, Baidu his old man made a mistake, so check the data.

The original Baidu included your station is also to time, less 7 days, more than one months have, first step we have to let Baidu included in our home page.

1. Use the blog first to promote, let Baidu included home page.

Sina, Baidu, and so on several High-profile Web site to apply for a blog, remember a site a blog is enough, more you will be busy, and will not recruit the elderly like Baidu. Then is to write articles, preferably with the content of your site, remember to hang your Web site above, for example, this article from XX, and so on, generally a page hanging 5 or so for good, not too much. No more than 20 articles a day. My station after 3 days of promotion, Baidu included the home page. The home page has been successfully included.

And then what we're going to do is:

2. Update the content of our website.

What I am saying here is not to say that you randomly collect some content on the internet and then post it on the Internet. The first is for the new station, Baidu is very like the original content, for the original his concern is very high, here you have a hard, a few original, best content better. Update at least two articles a day, if you have time to update a few more.

Someone impatiently asked, next, next, don't be so impatient, I write something if you look carefully, it will be useful to you. At least it won't make you waste your time. Say here, first give everybody drum, some stationmaster start a few days, still can write down, can after a few days, find this live also too toss people, all day don't eat not to drink also write a few, forget, copy a few got. Here is to say that even if you do fake original, but also to make some original, in the case of no change of meaning, change the word, for example, the original is "mother" then change it to "mother" it if "100" then change to "100" there are a lot of skills I will not say more here. Then there is the exchange link.

3. Exchange links.

Someone said, you a new station who will exchange with you, and back to the 2nd step, so your content must be better. Must be diligent update, people look at your site, feel good, people will consider the content of the link site is best related to your content, which I learned from the Internet. But for the same kind of site link certainly good this is needless to question. If people do not want to do, then a good communication with others, more contact anyway QQ who will use. Familiar after you put forward friend chain, when some stationmaster mood a good and you chain, this is not surprising.

If you encounter cattle webmaster is not with you chain, that also do not scold others, will not be easy, you and others good communication, you can not say that people will tell you some of the site to promote the ACE! These have tried on my own, some success, some of the change, so you must try. It is best not to forget to submit your website on the major search engines, remember not to submit the inside page.

4. Attach the submitting entrance of each search engine.

Baidu Blog Search Submission Portal:

Sogou Search Submission Portal:

Youdao Blog Search Submission Portal: Http://

Google Blog Search engine submission Portal: Http://

Live Search Submission Portal:

Yahoo China submitted to the entrance:

Someone saw this and asked, and then what? I think "The two kingdoms" we have seen it, ask such a question only this Chan, here is not in hunger laugh everyone, you just press the above several steps seriously. You are one months busy, if one months after you do not know how to promote, you only have to Baidu again.

Oh, you are welcome to correct me, in fact, I am also a rookie, but said a point of their own experience, is not everyone to shoot a brick, top.

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