The first three quarters of the net profit will increase by more than 50%

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Benefit the entire electronics industry recovery and the company's core customer market share, Zhuo Wing Technology (002369) The first half of the business performance.  According to the report, the company's January-September net profit year-on-year growth is expected to be more than 50%. Reporting period, the company realized operating income of 360 million yuan, net profit of 30.03 million yuan, year-on-year increase of 113%, 130%, earnings per share 0.34 yuan. In addition, the company launched every 10 shares to distribute 5 yuan dividend scheme. As a result of the economic recovery, the Internet terminal product market shows a continuous rapid expansion of the situation, the company's main customers such as Huawei, ZTE and other companies on the network of Terminal products purchase volume increased significantly, thus driving the company's related products and sales of two prosperous.  The report shows that in the previous June, the company produced all kinds of network communication terminal products 5.7885 million units, all kinds of portable consumer electronics products 1.0401 million, respectively, year-on-year growth of 103%, 80.64%, due to strong demand, almost all the related products sold. In the second half of the year, the company will add 16 SMT production lines as well as supporting the plug-in line, to ensure capacity upgrading to meet the growing demand for orders; In addition, in order to tie in with the future 3 C Fusion product market, the company intends to combine product breadth advantage, increase broadband access software, no line by, network management and so on a number of areas of in-depth research, Gradually set up their own research and development test platform. Network communication products, will continue to promote in-depth cooperation with Huawei, ASUS and other core customers, share its global market share of the continued growth of the results; audio and video products, focus on the European and American developed countries and regions of the market, on the one hand, to enhance the import of high-quality customers, the development of new products to meet market trends to To follow up the development of foreign mainstream channel business own brand, and become its qualified suppliers.
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