The first trade center in the country has been hit by foreign tuna

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Every reporter Xiazijie from Shanghai tuna fishing is regarded as the "gold industry", and in the domestic largest tuna enterprises-Shandong province, Sino-Pacific (Yantai) Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the general manager of the Sino-Shandong Ocean Food) Levin Service, the Chinese "gold industry" is very much from overseas trade discrimination. "Our country's tuna products in Japan, the same quality of the transaction price is lower than Japan and South Korea 50-90 days/kg, the difference reached 10%, 1 years of losses in more than 200 million yuan."  "Li Wen said. The Middle Lu B (200992.  SZ) 18th announced that the China Fisheries Association Ocean Fisheries Branch has been the first Chinese tuna trading center selected in its 100% holdings of Sino-LU Ocean food.  The daily economic news learned that the trading center's total investment is close to 450 million yuan, ultra-low temperature cold storage (-50 ℃ to -70℃) capacity of more than 10000 tons, accounting for 60% of the country's share. "including general manager Li Wen, everyone these days in busy trading center listing." In an interview with the Daily Economic news reporter 18th, the board of Directors of China's office of Management said that the country had already communicated with the Sino-Ocean branch of the Chinese Fisheries Association on the Trade Center for a long time. "In 18th, the official disclosure of the unveiling of the news," 17th in the Sino-Shandong Ocean Food held the unveiling ceremony. "It makes clear that the establishment of the tuna trading centre will help ocean-going fishing companies to get rid of the long-standing" loss caused by discrimination and artificially high prices in the tuna trade "and will" raise the voice of pelagic fishery companies in the tuna market, "he said. "China Ocean Fishery Association executive Vice President, Secretary General Huang Baoshan said, the trading center finally fell in the Sino-Shandong Ocean Food," on the one hand, it is the storage and processing capacity, more importantly, the Sino-Shandong Ocean Food is located in Yantai, from the main export market-Japan is shorter.  "The net profit of the B2008 in the listed company is only 22.556 million yuan, down 59%, and the operating profit rate of the offshore fishing industry is lower by 14.8%." Li Wen said that the price of tuna has been largely controlled by the Japanese market, "our country's tuna products in recent years are suffering from serious trade discrimination." "Tuna products exported to Japan are often forced to reduce prices even in homogeneous conditions," compared with the prices of Japanese and Korean products, they were lowered by 50-90 yen/kg and the difference was 10%. According to statistics, China's tuna exports to Japan in the annual average of 40,000 tons, "the value of 2 billion yuan, the prices caused by the average annual loss of Chinese ocean fishing enterprises in the 200 million yuan." ”
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