The five Principles and techniques of choosing virtual host for personal website

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Personal site more and more, personal website to buy more and more attention to the virtual host, many individuals have begun to pay attention to the Internet, want to use this good opportunity to bring their own business opportunities, so have to do a website, especially some service industry such as lawyers, then for personal website How to choose virtual Host? The following is a detailed analysis of this issue: for personal websites, in the purchase of virtual host, should be combined with their own status quo, if it is just starting or a kind of temptation is not necessary to choose such a good host, the initial as long as the basic type can be, because the personal site traffic is expected to be relatively small, you can consider to buy those with traffic restrictions space , because all the sites in space are subject to traffic restrictions, they make it fast, and generally, the traffic they provide is very difficult to run out. These space prices are very cheap, if the future development of large can consider upgrading. If you have high speed requirements, consider choosing the so-called "two-wire" space.

Choose a good personal needs is to find a good service provider, at least quality and after-sales service guarantee

First of all, try to choose those who set up a long time, the credibility of a better hosting provider. It is recommended to communicate with the technical service staff of the provider before purchasing to see their service attitude and service level. Ask them some technical questions and see if they can answer them correctly. It is particularly noteworthy to see whether these providers can provide technical service personnel at night, especially QQ night technical support. Try to choose those who can provide 24x7 technical support services on the site, in general, some well-known Internet providers to provide the virtual host, the quality is more reliable, but the price is sky-high, it is not suitable for those of us who do not use rice. So, a penny of the natural law of goods, or ordinary works, we can only return to the second, try to choose those who have good reputation, the establishment of a long time, good reputation of professional virtual host provider. Before choosing, try to understand the background of the company, the time of establishment, the availability of various service qualifications and so on. Third, try to choose those control Panel features rich host space. At present, some powerful control panel, even can provide php.ini file modification, database backup and other functions, some can provide some common program installation services (such as blogs, etc.), which will greatly facilitate our website management and use

Tips for choosing a virtual host on a personal website

1, for personal website, must provide a trial space, do not try not to buy, and trial space to be the same as the actual space to buy!

If you can try it, according to the five principles above, the website to be inspected. Of course, the first thing you need to do is look at the available trial space and ask customer service for a real customer site that is using the server, and check to see if the IP address is consistent (to prevent some providers from trying to provide a trial space that doesn't match the actual space). 3, use the search engine with "xxxx Mainframe rotten", "xxxx host, Hang," xxxx host instability "," XXXX host cheat "and so on, in search engines, to see if there are any complaints against these hosts posts, articles or comments, in order to determine the stability of the site and service quality

Personal website to buy more should find quality and service are excellent company

As a result of personal investment in the limited, so the purchase of cost-effective virtual host is more important, the purchase process must not be hasty, need to be repeated, try to first try to see the stability and browse speed and support the highest flow. As long as you choose a virtual host in the process, you can adhere to the above principles and skills, you will find suitable for the enterprise's own virtual host.

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