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In today's Web site, electric business site is always so much like springing up, you can want to get a lot of electrical business site itself slowly do can obtain some of the traffic, if a site itself has so much traffic, how to use to make the site further development upgrade it, here, Simply explain some of the ways to upgrade your Web site traffic.

Foundation: The electrical business flow must not forget itself to do SEO propaganda, its own SEO evolution should not have retrogressive phenomenon, many times, our electric business website will always be disturbed by a variety of games, will forget a lot of what we should do, to publicize things, in a website, What you do should be done well. A website keyword ranking, site traffic is often in search of those who give you the flow, if not to maintain, it is difficult to stand out in so many opponents, sometimes a site is not very difficult to do, but in the maintenance of the future is difficult to adhere to, a site is very good to do, The ultimate significance also lies in better maintenance, maintenance is a website ultimately can develop independent maximization factor.

Under normal circumstances, the site will continue to follow the usual situation, in the process of doing the site, including a variety of activities, including a variety of deals, including a variety of cooperation, and so on are the most beneficial to the search to know their weapons, and the operation of the site under the appropriate is as Taobao shop as the promotion, but the site is dynamic , is the need to constantly use activities, with new products to build their own web site category, on the one hand is to improve the number of product, on the other hand, you are constantly with the activity of retaining more users, for example, in the double 11, many of the consumer website is doing a promotion, after all, under the leadership of the cat brother, These activities will make the user see a big difference.

1th: The function of the website service nature should do well

If there is a Web site traffic, first of all, should improve the user experience of the site, each through the search for keywords, should observe the attributes of these keywords, try to think about why users will buy things on your website? Generally speaking, we want to go shopping on a certain web site, This site must give others enough trust value, this trust value includes the ability of the art, Web page of the professional, such as wheat bag, a look at it is a professional to sell the package of the site, usually we want to search for a package of properties, you want to see such a product page? In my opinion, I don't want to, Because it's not what I want, but what if an electrical dealer's website makes the keyword traffic for this information class, if you can not get attention on the first impression, it is likely to be on the first page will be closed, and then there will be no good, so, first of all, 1th, should be the Web site to do more professional, After all, Baidu's flow is not Taobao's flow is as strong as the nature of shopping, what you need is to allow users to search this property when you can know that there is such a site, and then after another, after the promotion, will realize that this site is a professional, this is the value of the first impression.

When more and more people enter the site (usually through the brand or domain name keyword), these users have a certain sense of shopping, or focus on the product is not wanted, on the other hand to see if there is any discount activities, such as you want to go to the visitors to see clothes ( Show a recent intention to have clothes, but you can not guarantee that you go to every day to see the visitors, and for Taobao, you can take a look at Taobao every day, because Taobao this bazaar on what have, want to find, see, in the above can find, because of the whole, so some small ideas can be released on Taobao.

How are you going to meet the users? You can't compare with Taobao, what a website can do is, when you want to buy this thing, you should think of your website, not to Taobao, first intuitively let them feel your product is qualified, your service is professional, this further performance lies in the convenience of operation, The insurance of payment lies in the timeliness of delivery, because trust so will be selected in a website shopping, so the nature of the service must let the user satisfaction (not as far as possible), this is a site should be done, a site performance can not do well, then the impact on the overall will be very huge, May be canceled at the last step of payment, then regret.

2nd: The User Service nature of the website must be in place

The reason why a website has a large number of repeat customers is to maximize the service attitude of the users, this service attitude may be very large, including sex, online customer service attitude (can and Taobao like "Kiss Ah Pro"), the attitude of after-sales service, in the use of the site some of the operational process, some features where to see, When we see products of some of the consulting things, a site's customers as important as in the Taobao customer service, if you can not do and those who do not customer service Taobao shop the same Word-of-mouth, then please be sure to take their own attitude towards the customer service better. A lot of times we will be in the product of this problem entangled for a long time, the nature of the product, it contains the issue of after-sale, a after-sale problem may cause the user's reputation on the difference.

On many of the Web sites have gone through a fake, poly-Mei excellent products, where customers prudential products, and so on have been consumer complaints have fake problems, and Taobao on those small shops, but a large site of the fake problem is more representative and targeted, if you deal with these problems when not done, It is very likely that you are more consumers of complaints, you can not guarantee the quality of the product when it is a refund, is negotiated, is a re shipment, these are the problems that need to be thought over.

Remember a word, "User is God!!!"

3rd: The old customer is the profitable force

We have been wandering in the development of new customers, but very few people can talk about the old customers as the main point of excavation, many of the site on the purchase of a customer has not the intention to maintain, so that their own web site is more difficult to profit, this maintenance of old customers is the most should be let them remember me this site, I hope they can also promote this site, what you get on this site, even if given a certain coupon, even if given a certain discount, is to maintain the method, in the old customers, we can find a better way through them.

A edm,edm for old customers, the most important thing is for them to get the latest information, because they have believed us, if they have some suggestions for us, then we must let them write out, this includes prizes, discounts of the way to get the proposal, this is the way, like those in Taobao advice, You can get a prize for a website as long as you use it. In the EDM, customers who have purchased once, two of times, are listed separately. In order to promote their own products, naturally, the more the number of purchases, the higher the loyalty, we have to do is to let them remember us, from their favorites to enter, such as we usually received the Jingdong, the day cat Mail, Must be made into their own habits, EDM, the impact of their own brand.

b mobile Phone message, now many sites are required to fill out the phone number, Taobao is more so, the author now every day can receive 3-5 Taobao flagship store SMS, there are shipments, there are activities, there will be the beginning of the notice, these, are seen from Taobao, can not say bad, but, Mobile phone text can really let more people know, now I can also receive a lot of users of the website SMS, if you do not, or suggest your message function or to add to, and now the price of text messages are increasingly cheap, can use is their own way, not after the people, then the message bar.

Let everyone remember their own site, want to buy, the old customer loyalty, so that the site's profit increase, you may still be in why the site can not be profitable and grease, think about, if you are a customer, your site to meet their own requirements? If it is, then come on, shape yourself, 12580 site Directory,, try to make the site to achieve their own follow-up feelings, then stick to it.

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