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Site must have core keywords, the general core keywords are one to two, in the optimization of this to two keywords, we simply rely on these two words to maintain, is not realistic. Therefore, the real SEO optimization master, after choosing the key words, in the optimization process, prefer to use the long tail keyword to create the core keywords, marketing the most classic word is: "Do not sell beef, only the sound of AIDS!"

To do long tail keyword, there is an advantage is to be able to avoid fierce competition, many friends are looking for the blue sea economy, hope that their choice of keywords less competition, which is to avoid competitors an effective way, but, do such a keyword need stationmaster has very high forward-looking and predictive, this is not everyone has the talent, Therefore, we all like to follow the hot word, do not in the fierce competition will not have their own place. For example, the Spring Festival ticket queuing, crowd flow, as long as we insist on queuing, patience, always buy their own home that ticket, the choice of keywords also, although a lot of people are competing, as long as we insist, then, this keyword will bring benefits to us sooner or later.

How to choose the long tail keyword? We still choose the most popular words on the Internet as an example, we are the most common webmaster on the Web site is a fundamental goal is to make money, we have to make money this keyword, to analyze how to choose the long tail keyword to optimize the site.

First Baidu to make money, "find the relevant results about 100,000,000", it goes without saying, this word heat hot, remove Baidu promotion, ranked in the first site of the following map:


Baidu weight query to see what the site is used to optimize the site, such as the figure

In the past six data analysis, make money this keyword ranked second, search volume is 2,764 times, there are two and money-related words "online make Money", "network money-making project", the search volume is 2043 times, 269 times, the other three key words although no money words, but the search volume, especially "online part-time" and "Network part-time" is 4,153 times, 2,056 times, another word "Taobao guest tutorial" also has more than 500 times the search volume.

When you do long tail keywords, there is usually a misunderstanding, the so-called long tail keyword, is "keyword + so-and-so" combination, in fact, this is a wrong view, the so-called long tail keyword is a certain amount of traffic, and the site's core keyword-related words, this word contains keywords + so-and-so or a combination of certain + keywords, It also includes words that have no keywords, but always surround the word. From the above data shows that only the words to hear the sound of the keyword in search volume to see above.

Let's look at an interesting example or to make money as an example, and then search the "net Make money", "money net" this even a word, in Baidu Search, find related to find relevant results are about 19,200,000 and 17,300,000 respectively, there are nearly more than 2 million differences, indicating "net Make money", The two-word "money net" is also being done, we again Baidu "Zhuanqian", also can find more than 100,000 related results, these words and user's search habits, users in the input related keywords, because the input method typing effect is different, unintentionally dozen a word phenomenon will often appear, Many people have made such a mistake, if in the optimization, accidentally, will also bring unexpected traffic, and this use of user search habits of the long tail keyword not only not strong competition, but also very good to do, so, such a word can not let go.

When choosing long tail keywords, a lot of webmaster first reaction is a question-and-answer keyword, this keyword is really very close to the user search habits, but, the current biggest question-and-answer keyword site has been Baidu finished, enter a "How to make money" to find the relevant results of about 16,300,000, and how the relevant words such as " What is "," Why, "how", "what" ... And so on, these accurate user experience type keyword, if optimizes a very hot keyword, best still give up is good, because does the person too many, instead, a new keyword, these question-and-answer style long tail keyword effect best. So that why an industry into the sooner the more popular, because there are a lot of words can be done, of course, is not the latter did not have the opportunity, or take the word for money, we just that site ranked in the Seventh keyword is "red Palace net" why the word and money related? Baidu "Red Temple Net", All are related to making money news, then, if the future site also appears such a word, is not such a keyword can also bring a considerable flow of the site!

The above is the analysis of the long tail keyword, if you want to do the site, "Make money" type of site or around the subtle, because the word is too hot, as long as the search for a keyword to find relevant results of about 100,000,000, hurry around, unless you are a team fight, but also a lot of money. Choose long tail keyword, analogy, divergent thinking the most important. starting webmaster network.

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