The key to the success of network promotion is the focus on the network

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With the development of the Internet and the multiplication of information, we can see the latest news every day. is not know more, the more knowledgeable, in fact, on the contrary, the network has let us form a lazy, every day to see the latest news, see the latest microblogging, watch the star pinch, after reading, in addition to entertainment, immediately by the new news transfer attention. Ten years ago, the internet is a mysterious thing to us, the web is full of magic, most people have the attitude of worship on the Internet. Once "internet addiction" has been the community of people with lofty ideals, but, now young to the old are obsessed with the internet, who dare to say "internet addiction"! It has completely changed the way we are living, thinking.

What is the end result of infatuation with the internet? A terrible phenomenon is eroding our brains, a regular clerk at work, sitting computer in front of almost every few minutes, will be distracted put down their work, open the Web page, answer the phone, check the mail, back to text messages, click on video or into micro-blog, to see if there is a concern of their own events occur. Online games launched the anti-addiction system, specifically for minors under the age of 18, from the current internet penetration rate, "addicted" network of adults more, or even, the network so that young people's willpower to the extreme.

There are a lot of Internet information, but when you really want to find the information you need, many people will find that the real useful information is very small, micro-blogging are some of the nonsense of playing with Chinese characters, or some of the lace news, occasionally involved in some sensitive events, it is only news, for those engaged in network promotion, this kind of news comes quickly, Go faster, because the network news is not the most shocking, only more shocking, some accidental events by the network infinite amplification, like a virus to invade our skin, when another more influential news appeared, we have immunity. One day walking in the street, see two middle-aged women in begging, passers-by indifference, the same I also indifferent treatment, "kneeling line to save the girl" event in the network is very sensational, at the same time, when we have similar things around, no shock only indifference, because many people say this is hype! Network emergencies are magnified more like poisons. , slowly erode our nerves, so that everyone becomes numb and heartless.

Baidu Network to promote the way, blogs, forums, QQ, soft text, mailbox ... A variety of ways, almost every time a post, all need to spend a lot of time and energy, such as forum push Officer, send a post need to verify code, back to the post need to verify code, login needs verification code, each verification code is like a heavenly book, not careful look very easy to make mistakes, so every time to enter the verification code will take a certain amount Do not underestimate the time to enter the verification code, a network pushing hands, a lot of time is wasted in the input of the verification Code, the Code of the Bible, unknowingly lost a lot of our time.

The internet is hard for us to calm down and concentrate on thinking, we are scattered on the network of a large number of information about, the site, micro-blog, forum no threshold, can let us free access, we shuttle in the network seemingly infinite scenery, surfing carefree, in fact, our patience is a little bit eaten, on the network half-hearted, impatient, The heavy taste, the innovation ability drops sharply, the morals bottom line is reducing ... Because it is difficult to focus on the internet to travel overnight, we also do not have anything useful to their own things, even if the network as a leisure tool, long-term sitting in front of the computer, physical and mental lack, but more tired!

Website to promote the network, there are many ways, and there are new ways to see the success of the driving force, their success is not the diversity of methods, but the promotion of the focus of the way, because not all of the promotion methods are suitable for their own site, a person's energy is limited, it is impossible to use all the promotion methods, The best way is to choose one to two suitable for the promotion of the site, perseverance, this is the most important.

The internet is full of various temptations, we need to treat with a calm mentality, the network as a means of making money, we suddenly found that all the temptation behind all have unspeakable secrets, so, focus on the site operation seems particularly important. Want to earn their own wealth on the network, then, choose their favorite items of interest, adhere to do it! 8731 Wealth Net: first A5, reprint please keep the link.

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