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I came to Yongzhou in 2009, when I first came there was no other feeling, that is, more people, more job seekers, the flow of people here is too frequent. So let the technical Origin I think of doing talent net, so founded the Yongzhou talent network so far.

Yongzhou Network 0746YC Blink of a year, for Yongzhou talent Network I feel to establish a brand, really not an easy thing! On the promotion of Yongzhou network 0746YC I have used a lot of ways, the talent market to distribute resumes, lottery registration, and cooperation with the portal site, etc. But really can establish the brand effect I think still hold a job fair. The impact of the job fair is more entrenched, but a single one or two games will certainly have little effect, and regular job fairs will allow job seekers and businesses to remember the site deeply.

Yongzhou Talent Network The first job fair is with the school, we must be very interested to know how to cooperate! In fact, the two sides just resources integration, the school has students, we have enterprises, we can get together to make a larger job fair! Although it is easy to say that it is not difficult to do, which involves a lot of details, Remember the original and school communication, talked about a lot of details, are in the optimization of the results of job fairs! For example, the early stage of the publicity campaign, the booth layout during the job fair, after the launch of the soft text and so on! This is very important to the early stage of the campaign, which is the decisive factor in determining the participation of enterprises and job seekers, and we consult with the school, Poster form of publicity is sure to use, and leaflets, but the Flyers this for the general students may not be so good effect! Most students take it and throw it away without a certain persistence! Later we took into account the bookmark form, make some exquisite bookmarks, bookmark convenient to save. The bookmark shows the time and place of the job fair and the organizer, so that both the publicity effect and the long time to keep their website in the minds of students. If the bookmark is exquisite, also can spread, wildfire! The effect is good! Other small details, exhibitors generally have a chest card to prove that they are recruiting units, then this brand can also print out our website site, so that job seekers in the entire job fairs are inseparable from the sight of our site, so deeply remember our website!

In fact, the above are a number of small details of the impact of the problem, the greatest influence or from the media, we are invited to Yongzhou Mobile Media and Yongzhou major newspapers live reports, this influence is the best! Mobile bus can be said in the Yongzhou influence is very big, every day the bus is very many people, Remember Yongzhou talent Network just set up that period of time, we have launched a bus advertising, that effect is very good, at that time the number of enterprises and job seekers login site giant increase! So as long as holding a job fair must not forget the power of the media!

said the offline publicity, now talk about online publicity, the early stage of the organization I let the site editor wrote a large number of soft, published to the Yongzhou of the major forums, blogs, as far as possible to cover the Yongzhou side of the crowd! The strength of the soft text is very big, I have put in a report job fair Soft Wen, the next day has found no less than 100 sites for reprint, Not only get good outside the chain also for the recruitment campaign! In fact, we all know that the most stable source of traffic on the line is Baidu ranked, I will site a comprehensive optimization of web pages, the control of keyword density and links, will be Yongzhou recruitment of the word is simply to do Baidu home, so that users a search Yongzhou recruitment of the word can be found on our website, And then see this big job fair! Everyone may feel that a single page is difficult to do the ranking, but in fact, Baidu sometimes put an inside the weight of the page can also be raised very high, as long as you understand the internal chain and the use of the chain, grasp the title of the page and the description of the writing, in fact, is very good row up, even if not long-term row up , but it was a good time to be in the early stage of the job fair.

Summary: Through the operation of Yongzhou talent Network So long experience, I think the local talent network is the real way to operate the line must be a combination of lines, and under the line should pay more attention to some, offline promotion way to hold a job fair is a very good choice! Yongzhou Network 0746YC Now although in Yongzhou well-known high, but we have a large number of competitors chasing behind, in this era of fierce competition, must understand the innovation, attention to detail, so that the future of local talent network to illuminate!

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