The Ministry of Commerce's final adjudication of anti-dumping duties on American broiler imports

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The Ministry of Commerce September 26 issued a notice, the final decision originating in the United States imports of white feather chicken products exist dumping, and will be levied from September 27, 2010 anti-dumping Duties, the end of the list of most companies in the United States levied anti-dumping duty than the first 64.5% of the dumping margin adjusted to 51.8% anti-dumping duty. The announcement indicated that the anti-dumping duty rate implementation period is 5 years.  The anti-dumping duty levied on the United States was 53.4%, Tyson Foods Co., Ltd. and the Wedge-stone Food Limited liability company were 50.3%, the remaining 32 named companies had a 51.8% anti-dumping duty, while all other U.S. companies that operated the export of the products had a dumping margin of 105.4%. February 5 This year, the Ministry of Commerce initially ruled that imports of white feather chicken products originating in the United States have been dumped, decided to collect the product according to the corresponding dumping margin since February 13, 2010, and determined that the United States Peel Green Company dumping margin of 80.5%,  Tyson Food Co., Ltd. and the Wedge-stone Food Limited liability company are 43.1%, 44%, and 26 named companies dumping margin of 64.5%, and all other companies operating the export of the U.S. company dumping margin of 105.4%. Since September 27, 2009, the Ministry of Commerce in the United States to import white feather chicken products anti-dumping Case investigation, February 5, 2010 announced that the import of white feather poultry products originating in the United States dumping, domestic white feather broiler industry suffered substantial damage, and dumping and substantial damage between the causal relationship between  The final outcome, announced today (September 26), sustains this initial decision. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce on August 30 this year announced that the final decision originating in the United States imports of white feather chicken products exist subsidies, since August 30, the imposition of countervailing duty, the implementation period of 5 years, the tax rate ranging from 4% to 30.3%.
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