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The low conversion rate of the Enterprise Web site is the most common problems faced by most enterprises, but also the webmaster worry about the topic, day after day hard to adhere to the optimization work, but the flow can not break through or so dozens of, conversion rate is less. Enterprises have chosen to improve the ranking of keywords to increase the site traffic is a wise move, but to get a good keyword ranking, not flow on the stream, because the flow of a bottleneck, want to break is more difficult, then there is no better way to enlarge the effect of the answer is certain, is also the author next to talk about marketing means.

The necessary conditions to enhance conversion rate: stable keyword ranking

1, stable existing keyword rankings.

Many webmasters to optimize the keyword to the home page later, will be LAX, did not continue to optimize the work or reduce the optimization of energy, in fact, this time ranking is not very stable; In particular, now Baidu algorithm update, ranking every day will occur three times change, if not adhere to optimize, Rankings are expected to fall, once the ranking has fallen, the site's flow will drop, directly affect the conversion rate, in short, a word, website optimization, adhere to do it can go farther.

2, to provide quality products and services.

Users through the search to enter the site, this time is to hope that the quickest to find what they want, at this time to consider whether the site to meet the needs of users. Corporate website to provide quality products and enthusiastic customer service services, to promote flow into the order, and customers to maintain a good relationship between the deal.

3, follow the user's differentiated road.

Enterprise site is not a lot of traffic, if the industry is very competitive, the site from the search engine to the flow of less, at this time need to plan the optimization of the policy, go in line with the user's differentiated road. Differentiated in the premise of satisfying users, to provide users with better things, can effectively enhance the site user groups, increase the proportion of old users. The larger the proportion of old users, the same user will have two times three times conversion, but also the spread of Word-of-mouth, naturally brought more new users, at this time as long as they can meet their needs, conversion rate is very high.

4, reliable after-sales service protection.

Most of the enterprise site is to do products, two of users of the product is another big demand is the product after-sales service, even if the product is very good, the user after reading is very satisfied, if the after-sales service is not good, then the user gave up not in the purchase, which lost a transformation of customers. In the highly competitive market, the biggest strategy is quality service, quality service will have a better user experience, thereby increasing conversion rate.

The necessary conditions for improving conversion rate: excellent marketing strategy

1, planning feasible marketing methods

When the site gets ranked, in general, may be a daily flow is so much, want to further enhance the site traffic, then it is necessary to plan the feasibility of marketing methods, common marketing methods are: microblogging marketing, blog marketing, mail marketing, forum marketing, search platform marketing, video marketing and other marketing methods, these may be done, But be sure to consider the site's own situation to do, in fact, do not need to do each, the 32 kind of fine do turn, you can bring a lot of traffic to the site, and then provide quality products and services to improve the conversion rate of the site.

2, establish a good brand reputation

The enterprise website only wants to obtain the traffic from the search engine, this obviously is not ideal, because once the rank drops, the flow rate and the conversion ratio will plummet, this time wants to ascend is more difficult. At present, many large enterprises are building their own brands, the search engine flow into the brand flow, but this is not a simple thing, the establishment of the brand needs a few years of time, but also to pay a great deal of energy, but once successful, brand benefits will bring a lot of traffic to the site. Therefore, the author thinks that enterprises should have their own independent brands if they want to gain greater benefit in the Internet and go longer.

Summary: Whether it is search engine ranking optimization or network marketing, all need valuable content to be provided to the user to transform, the flow is not the conversion rate, this we must remember; with the flow of the conversion rate, which needs to continue to explore the needs of users (user needs are constantly changing), To do faster and better content of the site to firmly grasp every traffic, and finally achieve transformation. Finally, I would like to say: corporate website to be profitable, we must pay attention to optimization and marketing.

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