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(a) Map chain site Landing

For a small traffic, not well-known sites, map chain site can bring you more traffic than search engines and other methods.

(b) Friendship Connection

Friendship connection can bring a stable passenger flow to a website. In addition to help the site in Google and other search engine species rankings.

Talk about friendship connection best can connect some traffic than their own high, well-known sites. Again is the website that complements with own content. Then it is similar sites, similar sites to ensure that their site content quality to have characteristics, and can attract people, or not even similar sites.

Do more friendship connection, just start its webmaster feel destroy art, so unwilling to do. But come, after my analysis, he tried to do a few. In just two days, the statistical device proves the effect of friendship connection. Oh!

The website does not want but asks the appearance, specially tries the commercial website, must be practical first, the technical appearance and so on second. Suddenly think of a not beautiful, but a year development reached more than 400,000 daily traffic site, that is Chunhui's mobile home site.

In addition, many of my friends ' website, although not beautiful, and some still difficult to see, but actually brought them money. Oh, please remember this website design concept, practical first

(c) Search engine landing Rankings

Search engine to bring the flow of the site will be more and more large, landing there are landing cavalry and many other software. But the most effective or manual landing. In my book on the name of the special sale of the net statistics, through the manual landing to NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines to bring a lot of traffic. Some other portals currently take a toll landing and you can choose according to your situation. But I personally think that the investment and return is not very good value.

Chinese search engine, currently used the most is Baidu and Google, the current two search engines have a charge service, of course, there are free landing. For fee-based service, choose according to your own circumstances. Baidu is 0.3 yuan per click. Google each click for 0.5 yuan, the other Chinese search league also has a charge ranking service. Personally think the price is higher, not too good.

If you don't want to give them money and try to get better rankings, then you need to optimize your site and make some detailed strategies based on their laws. such as title design, label design, content typesetting design and so on.

(iv) Network advertising

Network advertising Although to spend money, but to bring the flow of the site is very objective, but how to spend the least money to get the best results, this requires a lot of skills.

1. Low cost, high return. How can we achieve this effect? Personal opinion is the choice of media, if you want to gain visibility, then pay to those who have well-known sites, if you are only for traffic, then, the media site to filter out, because they are very expensive prices. So what kind of site to choose as the media? The site is not very famous and has large traffic. At present, many personal sites, although not very famous, but the traffic is particularly large, advertising on them, the price is generally not expensive. In a very large flow of software download site ads. One months is only 300, each day can bring him hundreds of of the passenger flow. It's much more affordable than those bidding rankings.

The resource cooperation between websites is also an important way to promote each other, the simplest way of cooperation is to exchange links. Web site Other cooperation there is content sharing, resource exchange, each other for recommendations, although the form and operation methods are different, but the basic idea is the same, that is, in their own certain marketing resources in the case of cooperation to achieve common development. This section only describes the Exchange link methods.

In the "Search engine registration" related content, referring to Google as the representative of the second generation of search engines will be the number of links to other sites as a decision to a site ranking index, in fact, the exchange of links itself is a commonly used site promotion means, the more opportunities for links by other sites, the more conducive to promoting their own web site. Especially for most small and medium websites, this kind of free promotion means is a commonly used, and has certain effect method.

Exchange links or call reciprocal links, interchange links, links, etc., is a certain complementary advantages of the site between the simple form of cooperation, that is, on their own site to place the other site logo or site name, and set up the other site's hyperlinks, so that users can find their own site from the cooperation site, Achieve the goal of mutual promotion.

The role of exchange links mainly in several aspects: access, increase the impression of users browsing, in search engine rankings to increase the advantages, through the recommendation of the cooperative website to increase the credibility of visitors. However, regarding the effect of exchange links, there are some different views in the industry, some people think that the site can be obtained from the link is very little traffic, but also some people think that the exchange of links can not only achieve the potential brand value, but also access to a lot of direct traffic.

The view of this book is that the meaning of the exchange link is actually beyond the scope of the direct increase in access volume, more important than the increase in the number of visits is the industry's recognition and recognition, because generally speaking, linked to the site on the scale is relatively close to the content of a certain degree of relevance or complementarity, It is possible to list your site as an object of cooperation only through recognition.

Frequently asked Questions to establish exchange links

On the site links, we often see some very different results, and some sites without distinction to list a lot of seemingly unrelated sites, from chemical building materials to personal photo, as well as a variety of personal homepage, there are many sites, there is no link to the relevant site. Both of these situations are extreme, and there are some issues that need to be noticed even for more normal site links.

Is there a standard link number?

How many links do you think is enough? This is often a matter of concern to some network marketers, but it is difficult to determine this standard, mainly related to the site in the area of the situation. A highly professional site, content-related or complementary sites may be very few, then there is the possibility of the number of exchange links is naturally relatively small. Conversely, the popular web site can choose the link object will be much more extensive.

Generally speaking, you can refer to their content and size are similar to the site, to see other people's situation, if those sites you think it is necessary to do links to the site has appeared in their own links list, and there are some others do not, but is a valuable cooperative website, Then it should be thought that the work is very fruitful. However, the new site is constantly appearing, the exchange of links is not the end of the work, your list of collaborators will become more and more long, this is a good phenomenon. In short, there is no absolute quantitative standard, the quality of the collaborators (access, correlation, etc.) is also an important parameter to evaluate the interchange links.

Finally, I hope you can go to my picture station and to see!

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