The novel stood for the first time and gave aids to women.

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The first time to do the station, the failure is very thorough. A novel station. It's been 3 months. Before the day before yesterday, Baidu included has been only 21. I am discouraged.

Because the previous position is the game novel station, has made some game novel to put on the above. Warcraft fiction, star fiction, etc. Think of at that time is really naïve, feel that I a game novel station, made the characteristic, certainly is particularly interesting. But the daily traffic is only 20. And I made a stand for the brothers, do a game download station, traffic thousands of per day. I heard his traffic, and I humiliated myself as a PHP programmer. a novice. No tears to cry.

No way, I only analyze. Flow from where to, Baidu. This big uncle. Why included me less, because the game is less novel, I am lazy, I try to find the full, so the station is not many books. In fact, I just want to create a good environment, as long as the quality of online games novels. Then every day do not update, find a good novel, I immediately send a copy. Uncle Baidu is completely dislike. Whenever they say how much traffic the site, I can only do their own things. I feel so fucking embarrassed, it's a fucking tragedy.

The second. My keywords. Ashamed to say, I was some time ago to know that Baidu Index this thing. I checked, my keywords, all good rubbish. The people who collect the cable every day are not 200, how can there be thousands of people to come to your website? My keyword game novels, legendary novels, Warcraft novels, CS novels are no search.

The third. I can not find a friend to give me a link, I found now only 2 links, I am very helpless. This is still helpless can not solve, and see me this post friend to help. I QQ229634630.PR have 1 novels stand Buddy help me. I made my own collection and added a column to the hottest novel of the 09.

Daily update, to today about less than one weeks this morning, I am tears Baidu finally snapshots. My previous snapshots have stayed in September 12, included 21. Today, more than 200 pages have been included. Really happy, although my distance from friends is still very large, but today gave me a little confidence. I am happy.

Because the program is written by myself. The design of the page is not good-looking, I added the tea League, feeling that the tea League is not very good, no one point. I point to myself every day. 5 days, earning 2.8 cents. Although no money, but he did not destroy my overall image of the site, a bit plump. I do not say tea advertising. Tea League can't make money. You can't make it.

Today on MOP, saw Deli's post. I went into his room and looked at some yellow pictures. Wrote a sentence in the message, included this woman All the diaries, albums and videos. There are more than 30 traffic, my mother. This is my day traffic.

I'm like crazy. Immediately to Baidu Bar, Sina Ah. And so on blog post, log write on their own website, said included photos. The power of the people is powerful. Crazy Rise!

Less than 1 hours have risen so much.

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