"The past in the Republic of China" controversy about the hit brothers situation (PHOTOS)

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The lens of the three brothers who have been accused of copying a "hero" in front of the great righteousness can still join together Sina Entertainment News by even the game name, Trung, Zhao Huanan starring the "Republic of the past" in the four TV broadcast gradually into the end, the controversy is more and more sheng, from the archetypal allusion to the Shanghai tycoon, to copy the "hero", lack of the Republic of the  However, in the case of the outside world, "the past of the Republic of China" is not only not reduced, but in Yunnan, Jiangxi and other fields continue to soar. The controversy over the continued high temperature rating "Republic of the past" based on the Republic of China period of the Shanghai Beach, in the chaos of the social background, the three Jieyi brothers of enmity and hatred depicted touching. Although the Director Lian Yi the play called himself the most satisfactory one, but the audience did not buy it, said the "Republic of the past" "lack of Republic taste", "copy of the Hong Kong film." Even the title to his name, said the past of the Republic of every detail is strictly according to historical description, there is no such problem.  As for plagiarism "the hero", even the game name is not taboo, said the last few shots in the movie did refer to the "hero", but only to his idol Chow Yun-Fat salute. The most fascinating thing about the show is brotherhood, as the broadcast gradually came to an end, Zhangtieqiao (even the game name), Shen (Trung), 严韧 (Zhao Huanan) three brothers due to different ambitions, the relationship finally gradually into a dead end, when the oath of the same as the benefit of the conflict of faith and constantly produce friction, Then how will the three-person relationship develop, and can it really turn into a sword-and-spear meeting or a handshake? When the audience is worried about the endangered Shanghai beach under the bustling surface, the three brothers ' quarrel is deeply tugging at the heart.
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