The player is stolen to practise the Trojan Horse technology as the earning

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Online game enthusiasts found their own game account stolen, unexpectedly also self-study network knowledge, and practice the implantation of Trojan Horse technology, and as a means of earning, by sending Trojans control Internet cafes host, theft point card after crazy virus. January 30, the criminal suspect Huang for theft, Jiangsu province Rugao Procuratorate approved the arrest.

Huang this year 26 years old, the department Zhongqing Kai County person, does not have the proper work, on weekdays lingers in the street Internet Café, indulges in the network game. April or May 2013, in playing a network game, Huang found his game account was stolen, which makes him very angry, but also very puzzled: their own account password only know, how was someone else stolen away? In order to find out the reason, he began to collect this knowledge, and through the online learning, mastered some basic principles, after the study, and finally learned to download free remote control software, and their own Trojan virus "new technology."

In order to detect learning results, Huang will send Trojan virus to their own game QQ group, a chance, unexpectedly successfully invaded the Internet Café Administrator's computer host, the result, he found himself able to see the host Recharge Q coins Platform page, then will recharge the platform's account and password down, Successfully stolen 200Q coins. He was pleasantly surprised by the theft, and he stole it in this way, to save money on his game currency.

Time to 2014 years of the February or March, at this moment, has been a long time no work Huang on hand, and soon thought to steal game point card as their own money. As a result, he bought a higher level of Internet-free remote control software programs online, and then through the QQ search random application to join a number of Internet cafes, and will be inserted into the Trojan horse program renamed "Cultural Bureau Inspection Notice", "Internet cafes illegal liquidation notice" and other documents, for file group sharing, to lure the Internet Café management personnel to download. According to Huang, once someone points to open the file, he can through the Trojan program to see the Internet Café Manager computer Desktop content, if the computer game point card recharge platform is open, he quickly will the platform's account and password screen, and then give their own game account to recharge, And then through another network platform trading point card to carry out.

It is understood that in the next big six months of time, Huang is through this means crazy theft point card set. September 2014, Rugao an internet Café administrator found the game Recharge platform account card stolen, lost more than 20,000 yuan, so to the local police reported the case. Rugao Public security organs immediately filed investigation, quickly through IP address and other information will suspect Huang captured. After investigation, its theft point card sets the amount is nearly 500,000 yuan, the victim involved in Chongqing, Jiangsu and other provinces.

The case is still under investigation.

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