The price of pork has slowed down markedly recently

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Xinhua Beijing, June 7 (reporter Wangxiaoling) according to Xinhua National Agricultural and sideline products and agricultural price market system monitoring, compared with the previous day (same below), June 7, the price of pork is basically stable, the price of vegetables and aquatic products is mainly reduced, the price of beef and mutton, edible oil, fruit and milk is fluctuation, the price of finished grain is stable.  The recent slowdown in pork prices has slowed markedly. After the pig haunch meat flat at 8.59 yuan per catty, the pig pork price drop 0.1%, to 7.79 yuan per catty. The recent slowdown in pork prices has slowed markedly. June 7, the price of haunch meat in 7 cities fell, 11 of the city's pig pork price drop, the decline is within 8%, the price of the city lower than the early decline in the number of lower, significantly reduced the price of beef tendon lower than 0.1%, sheep hind leg meat price slightly up 0.1%, beef brisket price flat, each catty is 17.00 yuan,  15.25 Yuan, 17.43 yuan. Since March this year, as the temperature gradually increased, the demand for meat decreased, the price of beef showed a shock downward trend, but the decline is small, and due to the off-season, Lamb market supply, the price of small rise. Compared with March 1, June 7, beef tendon meat, beef brisket, the price of the meat was slightly reduced by 2.2%, 1.5%, sheep hind leg meat prices rose slightly 1.6%. Mutton prices are expected to fall gradually in 6 July.
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